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Le Canada: Vancouver

I'm fresh off of my third solo trip ever and still riding on my Vancouver high. The travel situation was long and drawn out, 10-14 hours to get there and the same to get back, but while I was there I enjoyed every minute.

I arrived in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon at around 1p local time, which is always a win when you're going on vacation. Vancouver is two whole hours behind my home city of San Antonio, so I was basically gifted that much more time for my first day of adventure. I got to my hotel, Skwachàys Lodge and settled in, changing almost immediately and heading right back out to explore. The hotel is just steps from the gates of Vancouver's China Town, so I set forth. Some of the reviews I read online said that the hotel was located in a really sketchy area and there were homeless people and drug addicts scattered about. I found this to be true for the most part, but it was nothing I hadn't seen before. If you've been to any major city in the United Stat…

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