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A Disciplined October

It's been a while. A lot has happened and a lot is going on. Still chipping away at grad school, which by the way is not a breeze if you actually a real job. No shade to those that hop into it with hopes of getting a good job, but for those of us already in our careers, it's just a little more difficult. Regardless though, that MBA degree is coming soon. For those not familiar (I've come across a few confused faces), it is a Master of Business Administration degree, for me, it's with a concentration in marketing and I plan on adding in project management as well.

At work, I'm building a team. Currently, two full-time employees and two interns report to me, but my team is growing. Soon six full-time people, plus two interns will be reporting to me. I manage digital strategy for an academic medical center and work is busy. Very busy and pretty awesome. I'm always learning new things and expanding my knowledge in the digital space. It's dope.

Not to…

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