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Eczema Torment: Part 1

Around six months ago, my eczema returned to haunt me in adulthood. As a kid, I had patches of eczema on the inside of my elbow, back of my knee and neck- the usual stuff, but never anything past that. It was both annoying and embarrassing, so I would wear long sleeves and anything with a slight turtleneck in attempts to cover it up.

I lived in Puerto Rico. But I digress.

It cleared up after a short while and remained dormant for years. But recently, it's not only reared its ugly head but expanded its reach. It started with a minor rash on the side of my right hand. I didn’t think anything of it, figured it would clear up on its own. When it didn’t, I started doing the celery juice thing in hopes that all the hype was true. I got a juicer and added 5-6 packages of organic celery to my weekly grocery order. Every two days, I juiced. The eczema on my hand, now a thick, scabby situation, cleared up every so slightly. EVER. SO. SLIGHTLY. While the “magical green juice” did make my s…

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