The work

As the founder of Chai Thirteen Digital, I specialize in all aspects of digital experience for your personal brand or business, including website design, content creation, social media and brand strategy.

My goal is to bring your concept to life creatively and effectively. By generating clear communication of your brand, it gets the backing it needs to flourish and work for you. Throughout the process of creating your brand's online presence, expect close collaboration on your vision. Share everything from your brand's goals and desired tone to color scheme and aesthetics.

There's more to a website than just launching it. It has to meet your needs and make you feel at home. I'm here to get you there.

The brand + name

The Chai Thirteen brand is based on the concept of chai tea, a complex, yet simple beverage that's made up of a variety of spices, each cup containing it's own unique flavor and character. The brands I create a digital presence for are similar to this type of tea. Digital content is made up of layers and custom "spices" that get the right brand representation out into the world. While the basic formula may remain the same, each brand emerges with its own unique flavor.

The number thirteen was chosen because not only is that the typical number of ingredients in a good cup of chai, but there are at least that many elements in a brand. Also, it's my favorite number. 


My professional background is pretty diverse. Like most people, I worked retail in my early 20s, my favorite job being at Lush in Atlanta. I was a paralegal pretty much throughout my 20s and started my first "real" digital job when I moved to Texas. I was hired on as the website coordinator and social media manager for SpaySA, a local non-profit. Throughout the course of all of these positions, I maintained a blog, where my love for content production, analytics and the digital space began. 

Academically, I am one of those people that took forever to graduate from undergrad. I started school at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, but essentially dropped out with around 13 credits left to graduate. My range of excuses included time, cost, work and a number of other things. In total, I was out of school for around four years. Exactly one year after moving to Texas, I went back to school and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from The University of Texas at San Antonio. I'm currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the same university. 

Skipping to my current professional life, I am a the manager of digital experience at UT Health San Antonio. I manage content for the institution's academic, research and patient care sites as well as all of its official social media channels. Digital strategy is what I do day in and day out, and I would love to use my skills to bring your digital presence to life.

Let's connect, collaborate, create

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