A Disciplined October

It's been a while. A lot has happened and a lot is going on. Still chipping away at grad school, which by the way is not a breeze if you actually work...at a real job. No shade to those that hop into it with hopes of getting a good job, but for those of us already in our careers, it's just a little more difficult. Regardless though, that MBA degree is coming soon. For those not familiar (I've come across a few confused faces), it is a Master of Business Administration degree, for me, it's with a concentration in marketing and I plan on adding in project management as well.

At work, I'm building a team. Currently, two full-time employees and two interns report to me, but my team is growing. Soon six full-time people, plus two interns will be reporting to me. I manage digital strategy for an academic medical center and work is busy. Very busy and pretty awesome. I'm always learning new things and expanding my knowledge in the digital space. It's dope.

Not too shabby for a 32-year old that was not sure what to do next with their life 6 short years ago.

Oh, and business for Chai Thirteen Digital is booming too. I love what I do and so I take it on the road. If you need a digital strategy, brand alignment or a website, let's chat.

So on to this discipline business. I was inspired to do #SoberOctober because of Vashtie Kola. I follow her on social media and was 'influenced' by the challenge. Full disclosure: I've pre-planned two days that I get to drink, one being during the Parade of Homes and the other being Halloween (although there's a good chance I'll just have a few dressed Topo Chicos when the latter arrives). But other than that, no booze. I'm a week in and so far it feels great to wake up clear-headed and with energy. It's also not as hard as it seems. Really the only change is that I don't frequent some of my usual beer staples because they really only have beer and plain water (no Topo!). Also, I'm saving quite a few coins.

Aside from not drinking, I'm working out more and using the hell out of my FitBit app, logging meals and keeping an eye on my macros. The ultimate goal is to lose 40 pounds. You read that right. Forty whole pounds need to come up off of me. San Antonio is known for having heavier women and while I'm not 'there', I'm not at a comfortable weight (see: a lot of my clothes don't fit) and so I'm taking action. You can read more about macros here. In order to keep myself motivated, I have a reward structure in place, based on the things that I like and want to work to get. If you're trying to lose a few, definitely reward yourself- and not with food. So many times we reward ourselves with indulgence in the very thing that got us to the point of needing to take action. For me, skincare products, travel and shopping (that will without a doubt include more skincare) get me motivated to reach goals. Here's my list (note, rewards are listed right under macros as a friendly reminder of what will keep me on the path to getting them. There are also stretch goals.)

The last act of discipline I'm practicing is less screen time. With the latest update on iPhone, you can set downtime, where the apps on your phone are basically locked down during the time frame you choose. My downtime is set from 10p-6a. I'm on day 4 of my phone being like...'nah.' at 10p and I'm not going to lie, it's a little weird putting yourself on a digital bedtime, but it's effective. I'm sleeping better because I'm not looking at my phone right before bed (or in bed for that matter), and I'm retraining myself in a sense to truly wind down and relax. Highly recommended for everyone that is still staring at that screen right before bed.

Discipline has always been a big deal for me, and I've always practiced it in one way or another over the years. This is the first year that I'm doing three very specific things for an entire month that I plan to continue for the rest of the year and into the next year. No, I'm not going to stop drinking completely, but if I had to make a prediction right now, I'd say that I will definitely be falling back a bit after this month. I won't lose 40 pounds in a month (that would be wildly unhealthy) so my FitBit will continue to be my best friend, and less screen time is always a good thing, so that will probably carry on as well.

October is a great time to realign and set intentions for not only the remainder of the current year but for the incoming new year. Listen to Myleik Teel's How to Finish the Year Strong podcast to get a little motivation and tips on where to start. Let's finish 2018 with a bang and kill it in 2019, people!

Join me on this disciplined journey, @sdotcurls on Instagram, and if you're going to choose three (or even one) things to get serious about this month, definitely tag me and let me know what they are.

Until next time,

Peace, determination and discipline.


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