Five reasons you shouldn't MOVE for someone you're not serious about

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This week's winning topic was #4: Five reasons you shouldn't (move) for someone you're not serious about. I sense that quite a few of you are thinking about making the move for love. Listen to this podcast before making your decision. Love is grand, but ending up high and dry in a new city is not where it's at.

Hear about the woes that gave me the experience needed to speak on this topic. All love stories may not end the same, but consider these five reasons before you take the leap of moving for someone you're not extremely serious about:

  1. It's not smart financially
  2. You'll end up resenting them if the move isn't to somewhere you really want to be and are able to flourish
  3. Both of you may end up feeling smothered
  4. The partner that relocated will feel trapped, which leads to arguments
  5. The partner that stayed put could potentially be left high and dry with no explanation
Avoid the relationship death cycle:
  1. Move with them
  2. Move IN with them
  3. Get under each other's skin
  4. Have to get your own place
  5. End up broke and single
A big thank you to everyone that took the time to vote! Until next week...stay smooth, strategic and focused.