Keeping Your Cool When People Are Under Your Skin

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This week I got all the way into what you can do when people are under your skin...including a personal example of someone that gets under my skin for no apparent reason, other than their elitist attitude and (false but huge) sense of entitlement.

The breakdown:

If the aggravating party is in front of you:

  1. Control your breathing
  2. Ask yourself if any of this will matter in 5 years

If the aggravating party is not in front of you:

  1. Reframe the situation
  2. Identify why they're getting under your skin
    1. Is it their general presence/personality?
    2. Did they do something to you or are they treating you unfairly?
    3. Are you in a weird/bad space and just plain annoyed?
Thank you again to everyone that voted for this week's topic!