Losing is not an option. Do not stay the same.

"Either I win or I learn, but I don't lose."
-Myleik Teele

Everyone hits walls. You're moving along, getting things done and then BOOM. You hit a wall. Nothing seems to be going the way you planned or hoped it would go...despite what your Snapchat feed or inspirational Instagram posts may portray.

First things first-acknowledge the problem at hand. Why did you hit a wall? Did you get too comfortable and decide it was easier to just...stop trying? Are you at odds with what you have or haven't done but are striving to prove that you're totally fine and everything is dandy to everyone around you?

Whatever it is, snap out of it. Quitting means you'll stay the same and staying the same is essentially losing the battle. Do not stay the same. Losing is not an option. Grow, learn new things, visit new places, meet new people, do something you've never done before. Make your life interesting and find out what you love.

The things you've been through or are going through do not define you. They don't make you a bad person or damaged goods. Instead of using everything that's happened as an excuse to continue down the same path and keep going through the same cycles with the same people...none of which are helping to improve your life...take it as the Universe making you a stronger person that has to get through this to get to better things. Learn something from where you are so you can be better prepared to accept all the great things that life wants to give you but can't because you've got your head up your ass.

Change your mentality to change your life. Either you win or you learn, but you don't lose. Remember that.

Until next time dreamers, lovers and learners...

Peace, understanding and positive changes to all.