Panties and Periods

The 5-pack
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That's right. This week I'm talking panties and periods...period panties to be exact. I know what you're thinking...."Ohhh, sexy!"

I was recently graced with mother nature's monthly presence, and had the privilege of trying out a product made just for those fun visits. I'm also willing to make the claim that they're also very suitable for the gym-an update on that will come to the Twitter world on Saturday.

A little background on the person behind this innovative new product: 

Ashley West, originally from the Bronx, NY and currently hailing from Baltimore, MD came up with this amazing idea for panties that actually protect you (and your clothes) from mishaps, germs and wardrobe changes caused by our lovely friend Mother Nature when she was just 16. Before she began pondering such adult things, she loved to play outside with her 7 siblings and 6 cousins. Just a normal kid. No big deal.

Ashley herself!
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But somewhere in the course of growing up a bit, graduating from Townson University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and starting the journey to attaining her Master of Science in Marketing at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC)...(approximately March of 2014), she said ENOUGH. For those of you thinking about it...yes. It was the day of Scandal's season finale.

Much like Olivia Pope, she had doubts...but made them last as briefly as possible. Ashley eventually went all in with Bloom Undergarments, hiring a business coach and going forward with the panties that may very well change the way all women think about that time of the month (and then some).

So there you have it. The creator is a young, educated, ambitious AND gladiator. Don't you just love her already?
My order in all of it's clean, neat glory

Now on to the panties:


  • Soft and durable Lycra material
  • Antimicrobial and moisture-wicking technology
  • 3 inner layers of protection
  • Leak-proof and stain resistant crotch area
  • Will hold up to 2tsp of unexpected leakage
  • Also work for pre and post period spotting days
  • Machine washable on warm/delicate
  • Available in 2 styles: classic and hipster

Let's be candid. Periods suck. They drain the life out of you, deplete you of iron, make you ravenous and cause you to feel umm...less than perfect all around. On top of that, you're supposed to get up, get dressed and carry on with life like your uterus isn't trying to kill you. Okay maybe that's a little dramatic, but you get it.

Possibly one of the worst parts is choosing panties for those select days of the month. A lot of women have a few go-to pairs of "period panties" that have been used and abused and we just pray that nothing dramatic happens that leads to anyone seeing them.

After wearing a cute Crimson pair of period panties from Bloom Undergarments, I quickly realized that they're literally a solution to this problem.

The arrival was quick. They got to my residence within 2 days-perfect timing for my umm...bloody appointment. The packaging was simple and pink (love!).

After carefully opening the main package, I realized that the actual panties were in a second secure (and hygienic) pouch. This was very pleasing...I'm a stickler for packaging of intimate items. Inside THAT pouch were the panties, a thank you note and a card for a discount on my next order. I'm loving her style! I thought.

The panties themselves were super soft and comfortable and they instantly gave me a sense of security knowing there would be no accidents on my Sunday Funday adventures. There are special panels the crotch and bum area to protect your assets. They didn't cut me off in weird places or make me feel self-conscious. The protective panels didn't add any awkward bulk, which means I could wear them with anything-what a relief. Also...they're actually cute. Quite the breath of fresh air from the usual rounds of period panties that have had it (you know the ones).

Join me in the new age of period panties and stop wearing crappy undies on top of feeling like crap physically...Ashley's created the real deal here.

Surf your next crimson tide in a pair of cute crimson undies...and get a 20% discount on me! Just entering code "sdot20".

You'll thank yourself, I promise.

Until next time, ladies, curious gents and panty revolutionaries...

Peace, love and comfort to all!