Shut Up: 13 Really Offensive Things You're Saying to People

Many of us go through life making comments that we think are no big deal. Just being honest or curious, but no big deal. The problem is, a lot of those comments are actually rather offensive.

Disclaimer: This was supposed to be a list of 25 whole entire offensive things, but it seems as though people are either saying less offensive things to others, or we've become so used to rudeness that we can't remember more than 1 or 2 offensive things that have been said to us. But that's for a whole different post.

Anywho, if you've been saying any of these things to people...think twice before you say them to someone else.

Here we go:

1. "I know it's really hard for you to make friends." Really? Do you? When exactly did they tell you it was hard to make friends? News flash: some people are great at making friends but are also comfortable enough with themselves to be alone-and happy. It's called balance...and being grown.

2.  "Act your age not your shoe size." The person saying this is usually a child. Chuck it up to irony. If you're over the age of 12, never say this to anyone. 

3. "Your hair is cute and all, but I bet it's hell to maintain." Hmm...if you think their hair is cute...and all...then it seems like maintenance isn't too terribly devastating.

4. "Why are you single, are you crazy or something?" Yep, crazy enough to have standards. Stop asking people this!

5. "You're cute for a big girl/guy." What does this even mean? Attractive is attractive. If you don't really think someone looks good, just shut up. 

6. "I noticed Facebook that you have a ton of gay friends & seem really pro-equality...are you gay or something?" Does this even need to be addressed? Just because someone agrees that love is love doesn't mean they're gay themselves. Come into the 21st century.

7. "THAT'S your girlfriend? She's...PRETTY." This can go either way-girlfriend or boyfriend. Both ways are awkward. Are you surprised? Did you expect them to be dating a sea troll? Because they're offended.

8. "I feel like you've let yourself go." The ultimate in offensive. It's never your place to tell someone they've let themselves go. If you think they have, try to figure out what's going on with them. NEVER jump to this comment. Also, don't get mad if they punch you. 

9. "No one should want to have you as a boyfriend." If for some very strange reason you thought (for one second) that this was the least bit ok to say to's not. 

10. "You have SO many food rules." Ahem. It's called caring what goes into one's body. Also...unless you're purchasing this picky individual's food...hush.

11. "He's her minion." Never call anyone a minion. Refrain from being that one jackass.

12.  "Are you sure you want a second serving of that?" Mind your business and your own plate unless you've been explicitly asked to do otherwise.

13. "She's just ugly to me." *Especially if said within earshot*...just rude. All women are not walkway models here for your personal enjoyment and assessment. Same goes for women gazing at men.

So think before you speak...don't be a dick.

Next week I'll be blabbing all about my solo Chicago trip, so be here for that!

Until next time, friends, boundary over-steppers and kind hearted souls...

Peace, love and respect to all!