Sneaky Heathens: Coping with Shady Individuals

Shady boots. Sneaky heathens. We all know them, and most of us have to deal with them. The thing is, there's a way to do so that doesn't put your business-personal or professional-at risk. Because we all know they'd love to destroy both...with a smile on their they cheer for your downfall.

Save yourself by dealing with them appropriately.

Be observant. Take mental notes of their moves and know when they're building a story or case that is based on lies and falsehoods. There's no need to say anything initially...just know what's going on should you be asked to step in and provide real assistance. In the end, they will be their own downfall, so don't even fret about having to assist in the progress of such. Whether it's at an event or at work...always be aware and keep your eyes and ears open. Shady types will throw shade your way right to your face.

Be prepared. Shady individuals love it when their objects of disdain are unprepared. If you are dealing with a shady person, whether it's in your business or personal life, always be prepared. With current news, knowledge of your industry, personal life facts in general...just always be prepared for them to casually bring something up that has nothing to do with anything that's going on and try to throw you off your game. This could literally mean bringing up an ex in front of your current partner. Their moves are messy but also calculated. Always be prepared to deflect the bs.

Be excellent. That's pretty self explanatory. Shady people are just that-shady. They will try to find ways to bring you down and are probably trying to do so with a number of people...or just anyone they come in contact with. To counteract that, just always be your excellent self. Stay healthy, stay curious, stay ambitious. This makes it all the more difficult for them to shade you...and with all of that extra work they won't have much time to troll anyone else, so it will prove useless for them to try so hard with you. But beware: they will still try. The whole point of shading is to bring/put someone dawn that is confident or doing well for themselves (usually) the shade may come regardless, but be sure it's because you are slaying.

The point is, dealing with shady individuals can be difficult. It's a stressful situation that can cause you all kinds of stress, whether it's at work or in your personal life. If the person being super shady is close to you-a "friend" or family member-make an attempt to talk to them. I won't sugarcoat this. Sometimes it just isn't worth it. If you suspect someone close to you is being shady or know for a fact that they are dragging your name through the mud behind your back, trying to trip you up on and so always have the option to just not deal with them. Remove them from your daily activities if you can. Toxic people have no place in your day-to-day, so don't entertain them or pretend that they do.

If you can't remove them from your day-to-day, perhaps because the shady tree works with observant, be prepared and stay excellent. It will get stressful at times, but you will get through it. Just know that in the end, shady individuals never prosper. Karma is and always has been a bitch. Just sit back and let things flow as they will.

On the flip-side, we all have a shady side. If you say you don''re lying. BUT there's a big difference between fun, casual shade that doesn't hurt anyone (think Rihanna) and intentional shade that is meant to put/bring someone else down (think the only person that makes it a point to tell you they thought you were older than you are or anyone that happened to mention something that juuuust so happened to get someone else in trouble).

Until next time, winners, lovers and positive people...

Peace, love and brightness to all