Summer Changes: Moving On

Early post this Friday!

For the past 2 years or so, I've been taking votes and writing up blogs based on what everyone wants to read. These posts are usually related to personal strength and endurance, or relationship issues. I am truly thankful to everyone who has participated in the voting for these topics. However, they don't seem to have quite the impact they did 4 years ago. 

That being said, I've decided to stop posting topics to be voted on and the corresponding blogs that are written as a result of those votes. From here on out, I'll be writing about whatever moves me at the moment. 

BUT... I will take requests for post topics, and will honor all of them. If you need some insight on a certain topic, just shoot me an email to If you wish to remain anonymous, hit me up on the to submit your question. Just click on the button below or search me:

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog over the years and gotten something out of the posts. That's what I do it for,

Until next time readers, lovers and inquisitive souls...

Peace, love and an amazing weekend to all.