Hello Beautiful: 5 Pick-Me-Ups for Bad Days (and everyday)

Bad days come at you without notice, but if you just remember to do one (or all) of these things, they can get a lot better.

1. Get comfortable, feel gorgeous. Figure out what you feel most fabulous-and most comfy-in. For ladies, this may be jeans and a t-shirt or a comfy dress or sweatpants and a tank top-or sweatshirt. Whatever it is, always have a variation of it ready. Put your hair in a high bun (or throw on a hat), add your favorite accessories-things that make you feel powerful or that have some sentimental value, and rock it. The comfort you have in your own skin will shine through and make you feel better instantly. For guys-same deal. Grab clothes that make you feel comfortable and like you can conquer the world-know what does this for you ahead of time, put them on, grab your favorite hat and sneaks, and you're good to go. When you feel comfortable, you look good. Period. Another option for guys or girls is to dress up. The phrase "get up, dress up, show up" is a reality. You can opt to get all dressed up and instantly, you'll feel more powerful and attractive. Just make sure you're comfortable, and you'll leave the house ready to take on the world and everything in it-no matter how bad your day started. 

 2. Listen to a podcast/read a book. Words are powerful, and you have control over which ones you expose yourself to. On rough days and any day, make the choice to expose yourself to the right stuff. You can go the empowering route and choose uplifting content-my favorite podcast for this is Myleik Teel's MyTaughtYou series. As for books, some of my favorites are The Gifts of Imperfection, Secrets of Six-Figure Women (women and men could get something out of this one), The Art of Possibility and The Gifts of Imperfection. Whether you choose to listen to something or read the content, you'll improve your day by leaps and bounds-and you'll be able to do so privately.

3. Dance by yourself (or with a partner). Music is proved to alleviate stress, and pairing that with dancing your heart out will make your entire day better. For the most effective results, go somewhere that you can dance in private. No audience, no one wondering what you're doing, no judgments, no impressing anyone. Just you, your music, and every dance move you ever wanted to bust out. You'll feel better in your body, relieve a ton of stress and get in tune with yourself-mentally and physically. Dancing is a surefire way to give yourself a pick-me-up.

Get interpretive and emotional....

...or get some Latin flavor in your life and shake it!

4. Pamper yourself. No matter what your budget or time constraint, you can find a way to pamper yourself. If you have a full day available, take yourself out to breakfast or lunch at your favorite place or a new place you've never been before. This can be anything from Freddy's to the fancy restaurant at the Ritz. The level of fancy doesn't matter, this is about you.Go alone or take your favorite person-someone that cheers you up when you're down. Just don't feel like you have to take someone. If you'd rather be alone, do it. After your belly is full, do something that makes you feel pretty/handsome. Get a manicure, a facial or some other beauty treatment.Get it done or get the products to do it yourself at home. Not in the mood for grooming? No problem. Do whatever makes you feel good.Get selfish and indulge for a better day.

5. Assess the situation. Then re-configure it. Take a moment-or 5- to think about why you're having a rough day. Is it something personal? Something only you know about? If so, brainstorm how how you can fix the problem. If you're feeling anxious (general, not clinical anxiety), focus on something that occupies your mind. It will free-up space you're occupying with cumbersome stress and you'll be able to think clearer once you're done. If you're feeling sad, figure out whether the cause is hormonal, internal or external. Is someone else causing you to feel sad? If  so, do they know how they're making you feel? Is it really even about you?

Are you angry at something-or yourself? Do you really know why and if so, is it worth making yourself feel like this over? Do you just need to have a good cry? 

Whatever emotions you're feeling, they deserve some attention and most certainly require some assessment. Once you know the root cause of why you feel the way you do, you can take the steps necessary to reconfigure those feelings and be happier, even if it's just a little bit. 

Know thyself, know your feelings and take the necessary steps and actions to turn your day around and give yourself a pick-me-up.

Until next time feelers...

Peace, love and a better day to all.