Life...or Lifestyle?

 Eat half of a doughnut instead of a whole one. 

What do you want in life? What kind of life do you want to live? Or rather...what kind of lifestyle do you want to have, and are you doing anything about it?

We all want to live our lives a certain kind of way. If we could live our lives in just the fashion we wanted, wouldn't that be amazing? Too bad it's not possible...

...Or is it? 

Everyday we make choices about what we do, how we act, what we eat and so on. Imagine the possibilities that would present themselves if we just made those choices work around the life we want to live. 

If you want to slim down, change your lifestyle-little by little. Most people fall off the "diet" wagon because they are focusing on what they can't have, what they now have to do, and worst of all, they're declaring being on a "diet" in the first place. Instead of trying to drill into your mind that you have to be on this diet that takes away everything you love in life, and forces you to eat things you don't like and do all this exercise you don't want to do...change your lifestyle. Make a conscious effort to simply do things that are more active and eat food that's healthier. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Eat half of a doughnut instead of a whole one...and eventually phase them out completely....but for today, a half.  Look up healthier recipes for the foods you already love...figure out what you like...try new things that just so happen to be better for you. If you seek out things you like, that just so happen to fit into this new, healthier lifestyle of yours...the transition will be way easier. You'll feel better and not have resentment towards foods or being more active. 

If you love to travel, find a way to make it work. While you should also be responsible (let's not risk not having enough money for rent), you can always find a way to satisfy that desire to get out of town. Start small, maybe traveling to places that are driving distance away...sightseeing all the way there...and finding a cute place to stay for the weekend. Look for specials, sign up for different promotional discounts offered in your area, nationwide or even internationally. (I'm talking to everyone living in Atlanta who still hasn't downloaded the ScoutMob app.) The point is, there's always a way to make it work. Invite more people, grow your group...split the costs up in as many ways as you can. One does not have to be rich to explore and travel to new places. Grow your experience as you grow financially, and always look for deals. A well-traveled individual is an interesting one. Go get interesting. 

If you love to write...or even if you don't, but have a lot to say about something, start a blog. Let your creative freak flag fly. Decide what you want to talk about...whether you want to be anonymous or not...what your token style will be...or just start writing and figure all of that it out later. Just get those amazing ideas out of your head and into something, whether it be a notebook, a Google Doc, or a blog. Hell, email me if you have things bouncing around in your head and don't know where to start. I can help you get it out and into the world. Be the change you want to see...or in this Schedule times to write...or carry around a notebook that you can write in...and every time you get the urge or have an idea, write it down. Getting your creativity out in the open. It'll feel good knowing you don't have to keep all that cool cooped up. 

What I want to share with you is that you can either continue living a life that is bleak and has become a routine, and move on to creating a lifestyle for yourself. Once you start doing  things you love in everyday life-or things that you know make you better somehow-your life will turn into a lifestyle. You'll be happier...which changes life as it is already. And if you're trying to bring more money into your world...this is a starting point. Money can't make you happy, but happy can make you money.

Until next time lifestylers, lovers and loons...

Peace, love and happiness to all.