Q&A: Do you think I work this hard to stay the same?

"I got so much funky sh*t inside my brain...I couldn't explain, couldn't explain, you wouldn't understand, I couldn't explain." -Jungle Brothers

The topic here is really a response, in question form. While you should typically never answer a question with a question, this is an exception. It is always an appropriate response to certain questions and/or comments that are so often presented to those hard working, creative action and risk taking individuals who are not quite understood by others who can't quite wrap their head around the madness, the drive, the determination, the desire to sometimes be alone-completely alone- to create, brainstorm and be a mad scientist of sorts in their own little bubble. 

This post is dedicated to those naysayers, those confused parties who wonder what you're doing or why you haven't been readily available to them, or even those who scoff at the determination or seemingly 'impossible' goals and dreams that you have for yourself. Never assume you are in the wrong or the crazy one, when you're making moves-nay, leaps and bounds-towards your goals and dreams. 

Some of the questions/comments that typically beg to be answered with "Do you think I work this hard to stay the same?" include:

  • You're working again tonight? Didn't you work all day?
  • Why are you taking a trip alone? Who does that?
  • You never come out with us anymore. 
  • Why haven't you texted me lately?
  • How can you afford to travel?
  • That's crazy, you'll never be able to do that.
  • I don't know how you get up so early to [insert passion here...write/paint/draw/read/study your craft/mix music/build/take an online course/work on yoga poses, etc], I prefer staying up late.
  • I don't know how you stay up so late to [insert passion here], I prefer getting up early. 
  • Why do you work SO hard?
  • Why do you want to go to Brazil? So expensive. 
  • Reading 3 books a month is so time consuming. I don't see why you do that. 
Once you make up your mind to go after something you've always wanted, there will be early mornings or late nights, or both...there will be time in the middle of the day or week that you need to yourself. Some people may not think you're doing anything really, but brainstorming is part of the madness that is chasing dreams. You might just be scribbling in a journal, writing ideas on post-its, reading books, riding the train, watching a specific movie or show, listening to music, or building something with Legos. Whatever it is, it's your process. It gives you inspiration, and it is valid. 

The next time someone asks why you do what you do, or any of the other questions/comments listed here...ask them if they think you work this hard to stay the same. Because the answer to that is no, no you don't work this hard to stay the same. You're creating a name for yourself. You're working towards doing what you want to do every day. You're hearing people tell you it's impossible and you're taking the chance and having the determination to go for it anyway. That's something to be admired, or at the very least applauded-even if it's a golf clap. 
So keep chasing your dreams and goals, no matter what they are, and remember that the people who stick around (even if they complain a little), and understand your end goal, are the ones that matter. Not the ones more concerned with you giving them attention even though they know you're knee-deep in cultivating your next passion project. 
sdotcurls post-it brainstorm for next passion project
Until next time, dreamers, creatives and passion project brainstormers...keep on keepin' on. You'll be glad you did. 

Peace, love and post-its for all.