Simplified: 5 Things Women Need to Realize About Men

We've all heard the saying "boys will be boys",  and it continues through the process of those boys becoming men. Men will be men and some things are just hard-wired into them. Some of them are amazing, some are just ok and some are pretty useless...but overall, there are at least 5 things they all have in common. Focusing more on the men who are worth your time of course, here you'll find 5 basic things women need to realize about them.

1. They're simple. Some are a little too simple, but that's a different post altogether. Most men are simple. They aren't as calculated as women may think, and they don't plan things out the same way women do. Ask any man what his favorite things to do are, and they're guaranteed to say eating and  sleeping first, followed by some variation of an activity like playing basketball, fishing, boxing or painting. So the next time you think they're up to something (if course that's assuming you're not dating a complete jerk-which, if you know you are...stop), remember that they're just not trying to have such a complicated life. It's the simple things that they're most focused on. 

2. They're sensitive. Yes ladies, men are sensitive too. Sometimes women don't believe that their men have the same "feels" that they do. But the reality is...they do. Just because they're simple doesn't mean they don't have feelings. They may not tell you that you've hurt their feelings, but if you've ever listened to a Drake song, you know men can be emotional as well. Don't assume you can treat or talk to them any kind of way and not make them feel bad. (Hey guys-speak up every now and helps...significantly.)

 3. They are who they are. Women think they can change men. It is what it is. The problem is that no one can change someone's personality or psyche. It's not completely a lost cause-you can get them to treat you the way you want to be treated and if they are interested in learning how you tick, they can-which leads to them treating you better overall. BUT if you're dating a man who say...doesn't believe in going out of town for a getaway or getting up early to go on a day trip with you (or getting up early at all for that matter)...or doesn't like brunch even though he knows you love it...don't expect to change him. If he doesn't want to make the effort to make compromises with you on the different things that the two of you like...he never will. The biggest mistake women make here is marrying that man who refuses to do anything she wants to do...and makes it known that he's set in his ways. If he didn't make the effort when you were dating, he certainly won't make it now that you're married. If anything, he's going to dig his heels in deeper. JUMP SHIP WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

4. They require patience. It's not always easy to communicate with men. They don't understand you sometimes...they're attention span tends to be a little short...and intended messages are lost on them. It's all very frustrating and can be infuriating. They key is patience. Women must remember to be patient with men, no matter how difficult it may be. In the long run it will work out for the best, not only because communication will likely improve, but because they notice that you're patient with them and they appreciate that. They know how difficult it can be to talk to them, but they also know when you're making effort to understand them just as much as they're trying to understand you. Also... they're grateful when you don't give up on them.

5. They don't understand riddles. Women always try to give men hints. And that's just fine if they understand you well enough to see where you're going with something, but if they don't...they're not going to get it. If something is wrong, say something is wrong...if you don't want him to go somewhere, say so...don't tell him it's fine then get mad because he went. I think women know what I'm talking about. I needn't give too many examples. The point is, keep it simple...keep it straightforward...keep it clear. 

I hope this helps women understand their men just a little more. Until next time, ladies, gentlemen and everything in between....

Peace, love and patience to all!