I Quit. I'm Out.

There is just so much going on in the world today, specifically in the United States, and I'm just plain sick of it. Businesses have been given free reign to discriminate against gays-or any other group for that matter, as long as they make the claim that serving them would be against their religion. Hackers can't get their act together and hack into Sallie Mae to wipe out student loans.

Airplanes are crashing left and right. I mean literally. We've seen more plane crashes in the past year than is normal for anyone. How the hell is it possible that I can lose my iPhone and find it from ANYWHERE but no one could find that Malaysian airplane?? HOW? IT'S A WHOLE PLANE! 

Black kids are getting killed more than ever-and not by their peers as the media would want us to think. Instead it's by cops. COPS. The ones that are supposed to keep us safe. And what happens to those cops??? NOT A DAMN THING. They go to court, the 'jury' finds them innocent, and they're on desk duty for a few months, or my special favorite..."administrative leave" which means they can't report to work, but they are still getting paid. A.K.A VACATION.

This whole ISIS thing is happening. Whatever it takes to look like a bad ass rebel, right? smh. The Bronx is losing Koreans because of some Senior Center. Which means they'll probably be running dangerously low on kimchi. And really, what kind of life is that? Buildings are blowing up because of "gas leaks", idiots are blowing up marathons, China tried to control the viewing of a comedic movie...the creator of the pet rock died...I mean...what is really going on?

It's for that reason that I'm quitting and fleeing the country. I'm not telling anyone where I'm going, and some of you may just never see or hear from me again. I'm starting over in a safer place with greener pastures and naturally organic foods. A place where chicken breasts aren't 2 lbs. each and you can't get sick from eating vegetables because of all the pesticide on them. So this is goodbye. I will continue to blog about my adventures in a new world. Stay tuned for that. But above all, get into the fact that you just got got. Happy April Fool's day. I'm not going anywhere. That's right, this Georgia-Florida-Puerto Rico-Georgia-Texan transplant isn't going anywhere. Back to business next week- Tune in for a real post about the reasons failure is more of a blessing than a curse and why it's so important to hang in there when the going gets tough and seems damn near impossible to withstand.