Failure: 5 Reasons Why it is More of a Blessing Than a Curse

Let us first acknowledge that any form of ‘failure’ is a personal one. While you may need the help of others when it happens, and you will share your stories of stress and uncertainty with close family and friends, it’s a personal matter. No one will know exactly what you are going through, because they aren’t you. They’re not in your head or in your heart...they’re merely lending a helping hand or an attentive ear. Be thankful for them, but remember that getting out of a rut is ultimately something you orchestrate on your own, in your head and in your heart. No matter how much help someone is giving you, you still  have to make the decision to make a change and motivate yourself to have the confidence to do so. At the end of the are your business.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on why said failure(s) are more of a blessing than a curse-in five points.

  1. You learn something new...about yourself. Whenever something happens in our lives that can most likely be considered some form of failure-to us, we learn something new. It won’t always be immediate, but it will happen. We learn that we can ‘fail’ and rise back up. We learn that we are bigger than whatever it was that momentarily stripped us of our confidence, and it makes us realize that we can take much more than we ever imagined...and rise above it all...gracefully.
  2. It makes us stronger. Once we learn we can overcome more than we thought we could, we immediately become stronger individuals. For anyone that’s actually been through a failure or setback of any kind, think about how you view things today. You’re probably more daring and much more willing to chase your dreams, start new journeys and try new things bad could the outcome be? You’ve already been through the worst that could happen is it doesn’t work out. At least you can say you tried-and the simple act of trying something is much more admirable than being eternally afraid of change.
  3. It forces you to follow your dreams. When everything goes wrong and we are left with NOTHING...there’s really only one direction to go in, and that’s towards your dreams. So if everything has fallen to pieces around you, and you’re not sure what the next step should be...take a moment and just write out everything you love to do. ALL of it. Then take another sheet of paper/poster board/clean spot on the whiteboard and write down all of the professions, (paid) hobbies areas or even just jobs that include the things you love to do. Boom. You’ve started on your dreams blueprint. Now build on that and go after it.
  4. It eliminates the fluff. The people who were never really there for you, the things that you were wasting your time doing, the jobs that were blocking your shine. All of it is fluff. When we are left with the bare minimum, we are better able to recognize the things in our that have been holding us back and need to be let go. When we’re in the mix of it all, our vision is skewed. There are a lot of things we feel we need to hang onto or keep around for one reason or the other. Once the clouds clear or everything is stripped from us, we see what we really need in our lives for what it is. Pay attention to that.
  5. A new reality is created. Think about it. You’re learning new things, you’re stronger, you’ve started following your dreams and you’ve eliminated the fluff that was holding you back. Your entire outlook has changed. Your reality is brand new and ready for any and everything that enters it. People can no longer make you feel lesser than because you’ve essentially built a whole new empire of self in your mind. You create your reality. You’re CREATING your reality. Keep it going.

As you can see, failure isn’t really failure. It’s a rebirth. It’s a mental, physical and spiritual rebirth in which you become a stronger person with expanded views, deeper knowledge and a higher understanding of self. It’s what happens right before everything changes-for the better. So the next time you think you’ve failed, remember that this is probably the point of your metamorphosis. After all, butterflies start out as caterpillars…and the process takes time.

Remember that.

Until next time, caterpillars and butterflies alike…

Peace, love and custom realities to all.