Inside Story: Part 1

During my glory Fellini's on Ponce.
You guys wanted to know a little more about my last two years, so here it goes...a sneak peek into the last 2 years of my life and the reasons behind my sudden move from Atlanta, GA to San Antonio, TX...Part 1.

 A little over 2 years ago, during my eighth year living in Atlanta, Georgia-yes, EIGHTH, everything fell apart. During my stint in Atlanta, I’d gone to school at Georgia State University-from which I did NOT graduate because I had to work full-time, started working at law firms (the ironic full-time jobs that kept me from graduating-a.k.a EXCUSES), got my own apartment in Buckhead and thought I was living the life.  
Tongue & Groove...or Lotus Lounge...whichever it was at the time I took this.
And ya know, for the most part, I was. I mean...I was on my own, I was single (most of the time) and I was independent. What I didn’t realize was that working in a field I had no real interest in that had no room for advancement and living check to check on a consistent basis-was in fact, NOT the definition of living. It's just a vicious trap. A rat race, if you will...on a wheel. It moves but goes nowhere.

About a month before my eight-year anniversary with “The A”, my lease was coming to an end, so I was in search of a new place. Side note: I’d already turned in my 30 day notice, so there was no chance of renewing my lease. I also got laid-off from my job (complete set-up, but that's a different post for a different day), and my car broke down-specifically, the battery died, but the latch that opens the hood had snapped and NO repair shops wanted to touch it for risk of being liable for damages caused by forcing it open. 

What. The. Entire. F*ck.

During the 30-days left of having a roof I paid for over my head, I’d walk up Peachtree daily with my laptop in my bag to use the WiFi at Panera (yes, THAT Panera...if you were a Buckhead resident during this time, you probably saw me there) in hopes of finding another job. I was down to my last $500, and was starting to panic. After move-out day got closer and closer, I began to realize that nothing was going to change and it just might be time to jump ship. So I told my parents-who live in Texas-about everything that was going on, rented a car, packed as much of my stuff in it as I could, and hit the road from Atlanta to San Antonio.

After paying for the rental itself (one of the 'economy' sizes, of course) , the extra fees for taking it out of the southeast region ( GPS, huh?), gas and food on the road….I was down to about $100, $95 of which would be deducted soon thereafter because you know...pending transactions.

I literally. Had. Nothing. No car, no apartment of my own, no job and no money...

Do you know what that's like? Some of you might...most of you won't. Either way, that's how it all began. This is what a reset button REALLY looks like. It's tough, it's personal, it's stressful, it's consuming, and it doesn't change in an instant...but you do.

Look out for a Part 2 to this to find out what happened next.