Homie FUN: Bad Taste and Drama

Everyone knows someone-or OF someone- that loves to date and be attached, but can't seem to shake the same circle of friends from their dating pool. Both men and women are guilty of it, and both should strongly consider refraining for a whole host of reasons. 

First of all...everybody knows. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Once the relationship with Bill or Sally has ended, it's public. Everyone in the group knows you've broken up, and they usually know why. When the now single people from that relationship start dating someone else in the same group, everyone knows. Most likely, now that you've decided to go forward with this new relationship, they're thinking (and probably expressing to each other) that they had a feeling this would happen...and may even start recalling all the times the 'new' couple was alone, seemed to be flirting with each other, or even gave each other "googly eyes" while they were still with their exes.

Secondly...you're all sleeping with each other. Yep. Remember that lesson from sex ed back in the day? 'When you sleep with someone, you're sleeping with everyone they've been with. It's a stretch, but it's relevant. It becomes a little more real when everyone you've each been with are all members of the same crew. You're sleeping with your best friend's exes...you're sleeping with your best friend. Yuck.

Furthermore, it's AWKWARD. No, you're not being "an adult" by going to Friday's with your ex, who's now dating your best friend, who's also there, and their ex, whom you've dated, who's dating your current partner's cousin...who is also a part of the group. Sound a mess yet? That's because it IS. 

Lastly, it's really just lazy. Yea I said it. LAZY. There are over 7 billion people in the world , and at least a few million live in your state. Don't believe me? Umm...hard to believe, but here are the current population numbers for a few U.S. states:

Florida  19.89 million
Georgia  10.1 million 
(and a strong quarter of that total is in Atlanta alone, let's not even pretend we don't realize that)
Texas  26.96 million
California  38.8 million
New York  8.406 million
North Carolina  9.944 million
New Jersey  8.938 million
Arizona  6.731 million

...and a few hundred thousand or so are in your city...unless you live in the sticks, of course-but I digress. So why in the world are you dating in the same circle of friends?!

Apply yourself, dare to think (AND DATE) outside the box (or circle, rather). There's far too many people in the world, in your state, in your city, in your town...hell, in your community-that you can meet and potentially date. 

Stop the madness. Stop the cycle. Stop the dating around in the same circle of friends. 

Words NOT to live by: "It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none."

 ...sorry Snoop.

You never know where you might meet your next partner, but one thing is for sure, they're NOT in the same circle of friends as your ex.

Until next time lusters, lovers and friends...

Peace, love and exploration to all.