Bitter: Why Being Single Should Never Equal Being Bitter

We've all had friends, been the friends, or seen those people on social media: the single and bitter. Their posts are riddled with angst and spite, and obviously suggest that their single and mad about it. How do we know they're single? Well, these bitter posts usually come sometime after the "I love him" couples pictures have stopped being uploaded and the relationship has officially come to an end...usually one that wasn't so peaceful. 

With Valentine's day right around the corner, be prepared to see this post on repeat as you scroll down your social media timelines:

But why does it have to be that way? Why does being single so often equate to being bitter and angry? Stop it, ladies AND gents. Just stop it. 

If you were in a relationship for say a year and it didn't work out, then it wasn't meant to be. You enjoyed it while it lasted, and you shared things with someone that you cherished-if only for that year. Be grateful for the experience and the opportunity it gave you to learn something about yourself and/or about what you're really looking for in a partner. No relationship is a waste of time. The only thing that wastes your time is dwelling over a "failed" relationship, why it ended and whose fault it was. Spend your time finding out who you are, loving yourself and enjoying your own company.

If you were in a relationship that only lasted a short time- and began a short period after the relationship before that, then you're a serial dater and have no place to complain or be bitter. You got yourself into this single situation because you keep dating people back to back with no break in between, and each time the relationship comes to an end. Not sure if you're one of these? Learn the signs of being a serial dater. 

If you're already single and haven't been in a relationship in awhile, then you're probably posting the I hate Valentine's memes and quotes out of fun-or you're just sick of being single. In which case, there's clearly no need to be spiteful. Go do something fun with friends, meet some new people, or treat it like your last boyfriend tried to, as "just another day". After all, you're a free bird! Gather your other single friends and the ones who are freshly out of relationships and make a night of it. Hello freedom!

The point is, there are much, MUCH more important things to focus on besides your relationship status. There is no need to be bitter. 

Single ladies/gents: Do NOT hate on your friends who have a significant other. It's foolish, childish and just looks like plain jealousy. Let them be happy and support their relationships. 

Attached ladies/gents: Do NOT invite your single friends out with you and your love on date night out of pity. Your partner won't like it and it won't end well. Be happy and as lovey dovey as you want and don't feel bad about it. Take your lover and go be weird together. Make some memories.

We are all entitled to happiness. We just have to understand that WE make happiness happen. 

Until next time, beautiful people...

Peace, love and happiness to all. 


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