Love You, Love You Not: The Signs

When embarking on a fresh new chance in love, we tend to read into things too much...or not enough. We may be head over heels for someone, and if we're lucky, they feel the same way. If they don't however, we must learn to pay attention and realize that no matter how badly we want it to work, they just aren't that into us...

Signs they're into you:

1. Acting like it. Meaning they show affection, give you "the look", make it known that you're with them when you're out (within reason, of course), put all of their attention on you when you're matter what madness is happening around the two of you. Oh and let's not forget...they don't blow you off.

2. Paying attention to detail. When you say you love Italian food, they make an effort to take you to a famous Italian Bistro on date night...and order your favorite wine. You say you love they seek out the best sports bars when you're in town and even on mini-vacay. If you're obviously feeling down they make an effort to cheer you up...without badgering you to tell them what it is that's bothering you.

3. Giving wholehearted attention. You get those texts and calls that give you butterflies...and they don't make it seem like it's a part-time job to provide you with them. They want to see you and make plans to ensure that they do.

4. Plan Making. Hear me out- not saying they're planning your wedding on the 3rd date-just that they make plans for the two of you. Whether that be going out of town next month, visiting a local vineyard in the Fall, or going camping this weekend. They want to do things with you, and they make future (near or not so near) plans to do them.

5. Telling you. And they mean it. Yep, sometimes it's as simple as telling someone you like them to let them know that you do.  However, remember that talk is cheap, so if you're just saying it...don't expect them to just believe you.

Signs they're not:

1. Avoidance. Intentionally not responding to texts or calls, having an "I'm busy" excuse every time you want to do something with them, disappearing for days on end... At this point in all of our lives, the "hard to get" avoidance game is played out and pointless. If you're playing it, be prepared for them to think you're not into them.

2. Lack of interest. They don't ask you questions about your day, your background or the things you love. Given, they shouldn't be trying to pry into every aspect of your life and learn all of your secrets within a week, but they should be interested in you as a person. Lack of interest in who you are is directly related to a lack of interest in you. Remember that. 

3. Nonchalance. Similar to lack of interest, but not quite- when someone is nonchalant towards you, they just don't really care much. Both have a day off? If they were interested, they'd suggest lunch or a matinee. But instead they take that information and do well...nothing with it. This is the equivalent to a "Kanye shrug" being the response to pretty much anything involving the two of you actually making time for each other. Beware of the shrug.

4. Lying. If they lie about little things that wouldn't matter otherwise or you wouldn't be angry about if you knew the already having dinner but eating again just to hang with you...or larger things like what they really do all day...they don't respect you and therefor are not into you. Liars never prosper, lies always grow/get more daring, and no person is enough of a genius to keep up with all of their lies. They will trip up, and when they do, things will go south.

5. Telling you. There are the "pulling your hair on the playground" type of jokes and then there are the "hahaha...but I'm serious" ones. If they're telling you they're not into you, you aren't their type, that they see no future with you...tease you for liking them so much/more than they like you...or any variation of these things...take it for what it's worth. They're not interested.  

Know the between the lines.

Until next time, lovahs...

Peace, love and honesty to all.