IDC: When you SHOULD care...for your own good

A lot of us carry on day in and day out with the notion that if we pretend we don't care, then things just don't exist. Any logical person knows this is just not the case. But alas, we still ignore things and carry on...out of sight, out of mind...ignorance is bliss. it?

Don't lie to yourself. 

When we play the uninterested role, other people take notice. When you're dating, that can be detrimental. Neither men nor women like a full on clingy partner. However, the "I don't care" act can land you single and complaining that you can't find a partner-quick. When we are nonchalant about the details of someone's life, seem uninterested in whether or not they're seeing other people (when in reality we care), and/or never ask questions (within reason)...that person will quickly come to the conclusion that we are not interested in them. They may stick around for awhile, but ultimately it will come to an end. The reality is that humans are inquisitive creatures. We want to know details about everything around us and that includes the person we are showing a romantic interest in. I'm not suggesting we interview our partners, nobody likes that...but to be curious about someone is to show interest in them as a person. Where are they from, what do they like to eat, what's their family life like...favorite beer...favorite food...whatever. Ask them about their interest in the things you like. Gauge a common ground. Trust that they won't think you're crazy. If they are into you, they'll appreciate the interest you're showing in them. It's flattering when someone wants to know all about you. You never know...they could be falling in love with you as they find out. 

SN: You'll also avoid those awkward moments of silence that no doubt happen quite often. 

The bottom line is really just to take an interest in the people you want to take an interest in you. If you're nonchalant, don't get offended when they too seem uninterested. They're just mirroring you. Nobody wants to feel like their chasing someone and getting absolutely nowhere...including you. Therefor, give up the IDC act if you want to have any chance of romance...or even friendship. interested in one another...and get your head out of your ass. We're grown-ups.

Until next time loves...

Peace, kisses and affection to all!