Expectations: The Logical & The Crazy

Expectations. If we have too many, or if they're too high...we usually get disappointed. If we have none, or they're super low, we may be a little less disappointed...but what did we gain from being nonchalant?


When dating, we all tend to have expectations- that goes for men and women. We expect things, usually don't express them because we assume the simple things are mutually desired, and end up annoyed and angry because the other person didn't come through. Some usual expectations include...

-Replies to texts (within the hour)
-Phonecalls (occasional)
-Time (date nights out, date nights in, camping, hiking...whatever.)
-Proof of Interest (letting them know you're into them...subtly)
-Putting the phone down when you're together

Seems pretty simple- people want communication, desire to feel wanted, like they're being paid attention to and like to get shown affection. But nowadays, people don't just openly give these things to someone they're interested in for fear that they won't get it in return, will end up falling too quickly, or will be dubbed as "thirsty". Modern day romance has us jaded and we miss out on great relationships because of it. The items listed in the list above don't cost anything, and don't make anyone look "thirsty", weak or desperate. They're all things you can give someone without expecting them in return-but trust me, they will be reciprocated if you're genuine. These are logical expectations and we shouldn't be afraid to both expect them from whoever we are dating and assume that they expect them from us. Expect on, and reciprocate.


Then there are the dramatic-types. Men and women are included in this group, so don't think it's a sexist viewpoint. While the last list is pretty self-explanatory and logical, there's a whole other world of expectations that goes above and beyond anything any of us should logically expect from someone we're dating. Some of these typically include...

-24/7 Location Disclosure 
-20-11 Phone calls daily 
-The nudes
-Social Media Passwords
Notice a trend? Illogical requests are usually based in insecurities...and may show evidence of an abusive relationship overall. If the person you're dating trusted you, and you adhere to logical expectations, they shouldn't be stalking you needing to know where you are at all times, they shouldn't be calling you 20-11 times a day and shouldn't request passwords to social media or anything else for that matter. If you wanted them to have said passwords, you'd give them voluntarily (and that usually stops at phone code). As for the nudes...if you're already at that point in your relationship, they can see you naked in person. They don't need to be sent any nudes. Especially if you're not serious...and even if you are...any nudes in their phone had better have been taken by them. If any of that gets out...you have every right to flip out.  Pay attention, respect each other and don't be a crazy. 

Until next time sexy biddles...

Peace, love and logic to all.