Big Flirt: To Complain or Nah

Certain astrological signs are just natural flirts. In general, some people are just big flirts. They can't help themselves...they have charisma and they know they use it- incessantly. So when you find yourself in a relationship with one of these flirty individuals, is it their responsibility to stop being so flirtatious (because trust me, they know they are), or are you supposed to just accept it (because you KNEW who they were before you got involved-don't front)?

The line is blurry and the jury is out on this one, really. Logically speaking, the person who's overly flirtatious should know to tone it down once they're in a relationship. It's common sense and it's respectful to their new romantic interest. This is assuming they know they're a big flirt, which we've established is usually the case. However, some people are just oblivious to the fact that they should stop, or even worse- don't want to. By the way, if you know they just don't want to stop...consider it a red flag. Things will NOT end well. Some people genuinely like the attention they get and respond to it in a really flirty way. These people are usually extroverts and want to be the center of attention at all costs. I like to call them Geminis, but I digress. If you're thinking about getting involved with a flirt bot-voluntarily-even though you've seen them in action...the end result and all of the arguments leading up to it are your own fault. Don't say I didn't warn you.

On the other hand, if you've already made the choice to get involved, you have every right to not accept it. But you must then accept the constant battle that will come from not accepting it...and be prepared to be on the receiving end of the following defensive lines:

"I'm going home with you though"
"I was like this before we got together"
"Why can't you love me as I am"
....the list goes on....

You can either fight back and have answers to those statements or you can accept them as they are. After all...they're technically right on all counts. Then again, it could just not bother you that much and although you wish they wouldn't, you ultimately accept them as they are. Assuming they know you accept them and they rarely, if ever, get out of line with the flirting, they aren't going to cross any lines that would result in mistrust...because they know you're confident and secure with yourself, with them and with your relationship.

It's your choice all around. Your choice to get involved with a flirt, and your choice to accept it or be in constant turmoil. Choose wisely. 

Until next time you sexy beasts,

Peace, love and respect to all. 



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