Too Much: How Overthinking Can Have an Impact on Every Aspect of Your Life


Over-thinking is something that plagues each and every one of us. Some more than others...and we all know at least one person whom it plagues more often than what seems normal. That person is usually more stressed than other people we know, is randomly cranky, and gives us the urge to yell "Just stop!" because they won't stop thinking about things far beyond the normal realm of consideration.

Disclaimer: Scientists studying formulas of electric currents are not in question here. Just regular people who can't stop thinking about  normal day-to-day events.

Their need to think things over...and over...and over...could be the result of many different things-their astrological sign, their upbringing and even their current atmosphere. Ultimately, it's not their fault, but they know as well as you do that this whole over-thinking thing is not good for anyone. Even with that knowledge though, they can't seem to help themselves. 

Unfortunately, the lack of not helping themselves take a chill pill usually results in people reacting getting annoyed with their sometimes outrageous thought process. For example, people don't always want to dive into conversation about what happiness really is and whether we will ever find it. Gasp! Yes, it's true. The person who's being asked that question already knows that the person asking it has sat and thought about this topic for a few hours...and they couldn't come to a conclusion, so now they're pulling someone from the outside world in. Someone who was potentially having a great day, and in the mood to talk about a lighter topic...but now has to face an in depth, weighted question about life and happiness. There's a time and a place for everything, and that includes discussions about life and whether we ever find happiness.


Aside from annoying friends, over-thinking can have an impact on everything from your job to your health. Once you set your mind on something, and begin the obsessing process, there's usually no stopping it. You may start working, but you will drift off into your own thoughts constantly, which in turn disrupts your work. You may try so hard to figure something out that you forget to eat, stop working out, and become a shut in. Or even worse, you over-think a situation that involves another person and come to a false conclusion in your own mind, usually one that puts them at fault in some way. No big deal, right? I mean, you're not involving them in your world of conspiracy theories...No biggie.

Wrong. Because you are. When we over-think situations that involve other people and come to conclusions that are in our best interest-and place other people at fault-we tend to get testy with that person. We've created a scenario in our heads that makes them the 'bad guy/girl', and want to retaliate because we've managed to piss ourselves off through thought. They have no idea what's going on or why you're being so salty, but you do...and in your mind, you're not at fault in any way. Sounds crazy, but step outside of the box and look may have done this at one point or another. This conspiracy theorist mentality becomes a cycle, and it's toxic. Also, people may begin to think you're losing it.
In conclusion, over-thinking can impact your work life, physical health, mental health and personal relationships. And when we're busy over-thinking, we are under-doing and staying stagnant. We must focus on what is truly important and let the rest go. Taking things for what they are is hard for us to grasp, because everything these days is so heavily weighted and shielded. People say one thing and mean another, we lie to ourselves and others and we don't want to believe things that are right in our faces. We must do better in weeding out the things that do not matter and avoid giving them undeserved attention. It interrupts the amazing lives we deserve to live. 

Until next time beautiful souls, 

Peace, love and harmony to all!


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