Please Don't: Why is single & happy a strange concept?

This week's post is dedicated to all the single people who are happy being single, and all the people who try to force them into dating or being in a relationship.

You know the type. Loud as a motor bike...regarding your relationship status that is. They assume you're dating someone (for whatever reason), and when they are informed that you are in fact, not dating anyone, they pounce into "why?" mode. They want to know if there's something wrong with you, secretly wonder whether you're gay (because that matters), and suggest suitors they believe would be a great match. Random co-workers, friends, cousins of friends and colleagues suddenly come up in casual conversation described as a "really nice guy", or a "super sweet woman". Some of them just might come right out and ask you if you're into someone specific. You smile politely, laugh it off and keep it moving. Only to have it come up time and time again without the slightest warning. But this comes with the territory of being single...and the same damn time. 

So why is it that people think you should be dating someone in order to be happy? It's quite simple really. Most of the time they just want you to be happy, or happier. It's usually mixed right in with being a bit nosey, but hey! It's the thought that counts, right? 

There's a great divide nowadays. There are those who believe you need to be in a committed relationship or even married in order to live a proper, happy life. Others stick strong to the "new" world idea that marriage is an outdated concept and really just the government's way of making you prove a relationship with a piece of paper...20 year headache included. 

But then you have a different breed altogether. A breed of individuals, ranging in age anywhere from 24-36, who are focused on different kinds of goals. These individuals are making names for themselves, following dreams and bettering themselves before getting into a serious relationship. Not to say it won't happen along the way, but they aren't dead set on finding a partner RIGHT now. It's a concept some people just don't understand. Oddly enough, there's a generational gap that seems to "get" it...and they aren't in the age range you may think. Parents of 80's babies have a hard time understanding why their 27 year old child isn't married with children yet. Why they're moving from state to state in search of the perfect scenery...why they aren't on the hunt for a soul mate. The typical couple from the 70's had a baby together in the 80's. Think about how old they were in that span. Yep! Somewhere around 28. Hence the concept of being single and actually liking it being completely illogical.

Then you have the people who are older than the parents of 80's babies, but not quite old enough to be their parents. They were married by 17 and had babies by 21. Those interesting people will be the first to tell you that you should date as many people as you can, follow your dreams and be single for as long as you please...because love will come along in it's own time. Wonder why they offer up that kind of advice. Hmm...

So in conclusion, single people: date if you want and don't if you don't want to...Pushy people: stop it...80's babies' parents: there will always be a generational barrier. It's all good...That in between generation that high fives today's focused, single awesome person: thank you. 

Until next time lovers, friends and nosey rosies...

Peace, love, focus and mingling to all!