Luv & Lite for $free.99: Spirit Lift Off


There comes a time in all of our lives when we, for whatever reason, are drawn to someone simply because of the amazing energy they possess. We may be so lucky to actually meet them, but there are times we never get the chance to...however, with social media being what it is today, we feel as though we have. Daily we scroll, seeking energy from the light that brightens our day, even if just for a fleeting matter how simple.

To be or nah?

Recently, the universe collected one of it's brightest forms of luv and lite from earth and relocated it's soul to an eternal resting place. This relocation came as a complete surprise to everyone, considering the consistent rays of luv and lite that shined daily, one social media post at a time. A beautiful being inside and out, there was just no way the RIP posts were factual. We all expected to see the usual amazing photos of world travels, connections with kindred spirits and beautiful creations in the making...along with words that exuded a point of view from out of this world...or just something that made us laugh.


Now this amazing specimen,with nothing but gold inside her soul, is out of this world and in a better place. Gone too soon, but never to be forgotten. 


"I hope that she serves a reminder to everyone watching the performance tonight of what we are made of and inherently a huge part of. We ultimately exist in a state of balance--the "Heavens" & the Earth (which has been referred to as "Hell" before). I observe a direct reflection of the yin and yang of our very existence; the carnal and spirit mind; our grounded temporary, physical being & our infinite, limitless, creative (creator) mind." -G. Luciano

"May the joyful faces around you be a true reflection of your spirit and a true projection of theirs" 

Today I hope that she, serves as a reminder to everyone that life is short, and must be lived to the fullest. Experiences are to be had, love is to be spread, shared and made; and we are all just small pieces of the puzzle in the grand scheme of things. We must appreciate and cherish those around us, no matter our differences, and be kind to one another. We must connect on levels higher than that of the superficial usual we are accustomed to. We must accept ourselves as we are and do the same unto matter how many strange looks we get. We must speak what is on our hearts as much as we feel the need to speak of what is on our minds...and we must pay attention to small details, for they are what make life beautiful.

"Seeking out, soaking in and building up all of the #LITE this lifetime has to provide"

Last week, today and for in peace, Queen. Your amazing light will continue to shine down, always.


Until next time, beautiful souls...

Make peace, make love and soak up this life's #LITE. It's free.