Down With the Swirl...What's the Big Deal?

The age old debacle of the mixed-race couple. Even in 2014 it lives on. Considering the number of biracial and even triracial (is that word even recognized?) individuals these days, one would assume the race argument is in the past and people have let it rest. That assumption however, would be terribly wrong.

We are raised in an age where races are supposedly more comfortable with each other, people are somewhat blind to race, and the people that make up a couple are almost never the same color and more often than not, happen to be the same gender (gasp!). We are taught to accept people from different backgrounds who look different than us, and be interested in those differences as opposed to appalled by them. I like to call it the Dalmatian era. We're all the same thing, but we all have different spots- none of us have the exact same ones.

But then we get into the dating arena, and with it comes the drama of interracial dating. Some races don't really speak of their distaste for interracial minglings, and some speak up and out loud about it. Here are some of the typical comments, and my personal responses to them. You may agree with me or not, but my responses are what usually runs through my mind when I hear these things:

"That black man is with that Hispanic (etc) woman because she's submissive. He can't handle a strong black woman so he has to go outside of his race."

This one never really gets old. It also never seems to go away. Firstly, Hispanics are black too. I won't speak for all Hispanics, but I will represent for islanders and most from South America. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Brasil and so on...have African roots. No matter how pale or dark their skin is, they too are "black". Don't believe me? Listen to African music, then listen to Salsa. Same instruments. Furthermore, lets make sure we clarify vocabulary- race is essentially what color you are- black, white, Asian...Ethnicity is where you're from-Latino, Mexican, Korean and so on. Someone from Puerto Rico can also be "black", so literally speaking, he is staying "inside his own race". Oh and let's not forget that this Hispanic woman...she's everything but submissive. Liking to cook and seeing someone smile does not make a woman submissive.

"You're dating a white guy/girl??!!!"

I mean come on, you guys. This reaction really should be eliminated completely, but I will indulge. Someone from an anglo-saxon background could easily share many of the same (if not all of the same) views as anyone from any other ethnic background. Being the same ethnicity (or color) doesn't automatically make you compatible. Furthermore,  coming from different backgrounds may provide you with a TON of things to talk about and compare. Add a common love for travel, hiking or wine tasting and you have a perfect match. A perfect match that is completely transparent...with no color. Learn that. Digest it. Keep it close to your heart. 

The list goes on...but I'll leave it at that. Want more? Just post the ridiculous things you've heard and I'll gladly respond. 

In conclusion though, get your heads out of your asses and stop reacting to interracial dating the same as you would to a rainbow-colored unicorn. The person next to you right now is probably mixed. Think of the harassment their parents faced when they were together. Don't create that for today's multi-racial couple. There are much, much bigger fish to fry. 

Until next time my swirly sweets,

Peace, love and interesting interactions to all!