HELLO?! Avoiding Text Conversations That Morph Into Arguments

Texting. We all do it…and at one point or another, everyone has had a “Why are you yelling at me??” moment when a text in all caps or a phrase followed by an abrupt period is received.

Don’t act brand new. You know exactly what I’m referring to here. The following texts get a rise out of all of us whether we respond to them as such or not:


Those will get you…every…time.

But what if you didn’t intend the implicated attitude? How do you avoid having the person you’re texting getting offended or angry…and having to deal with them replying with the likes of:

Forget I ever asked.
Why are you yelling?!
What’s your problem?

It can be tricky not to fall into an all out text-fight.  Tempting as it may be though, we must take the proper steps to avoid it. Think along the lines of stop, drop, and roll…

Relax your speedy little fingers. Don’t reply as quickly as you may have the urge to. Remember…once that text is sent, you can’t cancel it.

Wait a few minutes for a follow-up text. Be careful though, because this could go one of two ways. On one end, the subsequent text may say something like…”sorry about the caps I’m talking to text”…or …”I’m driving”. On the other hand however, you could receive a swift “HELLO??”, or the ever-aggressive “??????”.

Don’t be aggressive in your response if you really don’t know what’s going on. Wait for it, or genuinely inquire. If you do know what’s going on, you should know how to reply. If you’re naturally aggressive…or extremely passive aggressive…take a deep breath and release your evil passive aggressive or plain aggressive demons before you reply.

…in person. This is pretty self explanatory and general, but if you’re already in an argument, don’t continue it via text. You can’t read people’s true emotions in a text message, so what you’re interpreting as attitude or anger may really be hurt feelings or shock. If you’re fighting, TALK IN PERSON. Never ever EVER carry on an argument via text.

In conclusion, text with some sense, be patient, avoid passive aggressiveness (and aggressiveness), and talk in person. These are things we know…but per the usual, we don’t always apply.

Until next time friends, speedy texters and anyone that ever had an aol AIM account, 

Peace, love and pleasant communication to all!