Delete! Delete! Delete!: When is it TIME to delete someone from social media?

Deleting people from social media sites isn’t just for exes anymore. Nowadays we’ve got to spread the blocking beyond our latest flings and on to foes and other classes of soul suckers alike. It’s life. They all maintain separate circumstances (for the most part), and time limits before we hit the button…and it doesn't stop there...there are special occasions where a decision must to be made as to whether we stop at unfollow or need to go the extra mile and hit the block button. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Type: Ex-lover
Delete deadline: 1 month
Why?: Umm…really?

Exes need to be deleted after a MAXIMUM of one month. You may be thinking that’s super quick or you may be thinking that’s a long time; but either way, it must be done. The reason being that that’s how long it usually takes to get them out of your system. And by ‘get them out of your system”, I mean stop communicating with them by utilizing any of the following phrases:

“I miss you”
“I can’t believe you cheated on me”
“I hate you”
“I still love you”…

It may seem like quitting cold turkey, but the reality is that you’ll have those weak moments for about a month.

Disclaimer: This time starts AFTER the initial demise of the relationship has occurred, you’ve gotten drunk and emotional about it…and all of those stages are out of your system-oh and most importantly…YOU’RE NOT SLEEPING TOGETHER ANYMORE.

The pact: The goal here is to actually unfollow them. That means you’re not unflowing them…then typing the following into your search engine: “” or searching their page from your own Twitter and Instagram accounts. You unfollowed them so you wouldn’t have to face knowing where they had dinner and who they went with to that art show. So why subject yourself to that information…on purpose?? I know, I know…we ALL get that urge to snoop and “check on them”. BUT we’ve ALL got to fight said urge and mind our own business. The pain and shock you get from snooping around is addictive. Once you start, it’s really hard to stop. So…don’t start. Delete them…and mean it.

Type: Ex friend/foe
Delete Deadline: 2-6 weeks
Why?: It’s toxic.

Ex friends and foes can be similar. Hence the grace period. Ever heard the phrase “Frenemy”?…well that’s really a foe. Someone that was never really your friend but typically smiles in your face only to talk about you behind your back and carry on in other non-friend-like ways. They just don’t wish you well-ever…and you know it…but you still follow them because…well you’re not really sure why…but you do, and they follow you right back. This foe may have at some point been an associate, but was never a true friend. No need to keep it going unless it’s business related and money is involved. And if that’s the case, watch what you post because they’re itching for the opportunity to make you look bad. Tread lightly or stop the charade and unfollow.

Friends are people you had an actual relationship with. People you invited to your birthday dinners and shared your romantic (and horrific) relationship stories with. But sometimes, friends break up too. And when they do, they’ve got to cut the cord and delete each other on social media. Down the line at some point, you just might make up and start all over, but in real time... if it’s ended, a social media break up is necessary too. If you’re not friends anymore, there’s no need to continue cyber-stalking them…you’re just being nosey and getting gossip fuel on their dime. It’s petty and it’s silly. Let it go and delete.

Lastly,  we have the coveted block feature. It is to be used as directed and applied liberally to affected individuals.

If you’re getting harassing mentions-or texts-about what you’re doing, where you’re at and who you’re with from anyone you’ve ended a relationship with…blocking time has come. They’re cyber-stalking and taking their nosiness to an obscene level at this point…and therefore must be stopped. BLOCK THEM.

In conclusion, maintain amazing relationships. But when a relationship comes to an end…know when to hold ‘em, know when to ‘em…and most certainly know when to DELETE ‘em.

Until next time lovers, friends and foes…peace, love and light to all.