Rogue Post: Ode to Rule #6

I've gone rogue and chosen the topic this week. Don't worry, I'll be asking for your votes all over again for next week's  post- so be ready!

It's December. Which means we've made it to the tail end of 2013. The grand finale-if you choose to make is such. It's time to reflect on the year that's zipped by, tie up loose ends and start making fresh goals for the incoming new year.

This is an important time of year to make room for new amazingness. It's serious business...for the most part...but while you do it mindful that there's no better time than now to Remember Rule #6.

If you manage to Remember Rule #6 throughout the month of December, chances are you'll mark more things off of your "2013 list" than you anticipated and be open enough to bring in 2014 with a positive outlook, non-resistant to change.

WTF is Rule #6???

Rule #6 is simply "Don't take yourself so goddamn seriously".

In a world of chaos, goals, competition and achievement, we tend to forget to be in the moment; to see things as they are and always dream up the worst-case scenario for any and everything.

At least during this month though, I challenge you to Remember Rule #6 when everything seems too much, whether "everything" encompasses holiday shopping or meeting your goals for 2013 'by the skin of your teeth'.

Make a list if you have to...or write up a contract with a friend or partner-of all the things you wanted to do in 2013 but haven't yet...and all the things you want for 2014.

Then breathe,

Remember Rule #6,

And start knocking shit out. 

After all, the secret of life is that it's all a matter of invention.

So...invent the possibility of accomplishing those goals and watch it become a reality before your eyes.

And each time you get overwhelmed this month, throughout the new year and beyond...


Until next time lovahs...peace, love and smiles.