A Dream Deferred: The Realities of Complacency

What are your dreams? Take a second and think of 3.

You may have always wanted to start your own business…become a teacher…write a novel…or get a cosmetology license and use it somewhere amazing.

Whatever your dreams are, have you accomplished any of them, or are you working towards them?

Sadly, a lot of people would answer “no” to both.

Anyone that’s ever given up on a dream has a reason. That reason however, is usually an excuse once you get to the bottom of it. The most common excuses fall into one of two categories: complacency and doubt. 

Let’s assume for a moment, that your dream is to say, start your own jewelry making company out of your guest room…freelance as a graphic designer or maybe a make up artist…but you find yourself in a cushy 9 to 5 that you HATE but it pays the bills. So you stay, give up on your dream (because trying to accomplish it on the side would be just exhausting, naturally) and become complacent. Complaining day in and day out that you hate your job and “really need to find something else”, but never actually applying to anything better in an attempt to get out of the self proclaimed hell-hole you’re currently in. 

When you have a dream that scares you just a bit and even you believe might be a little crazy (that usually means it’s a solid dream), and someone you confide in with the details of said dream shoots you down or tells you it can’t be done…it creates self doubt. And…usually implies that you should stop telling certain things to certain people. But even if you don’t tell anyone about your dreams and decide to marinate on them with just yourself, you risk over-thinking to the point of creating an identical sense of self-doubt. Breaking through that wall of doubt can really help you move a little closer to starting on your dreams, but if you keep pulling yourself back, the wall just gets taller and thicker.

Other excuses may include money, children, rent, mortgage and other bills. I felt like they didn’t need to be described in detail. We all know them well. Just remember that networking, talking to accomplished and intelligent people, and making friends-is and always will be-FREE.

Not only do complacency and doubt kill dreams, but settling, letting your dreams die and accepting them as unattainable can and will kill your spirit.

THAT is something nobody deserves. Not you, not the people you lash out at because you’re unhappy…not anyone.

No matter how far from your reach you dreams may seem to be, take time-no-STEAL TIME-to take small steps that contribute to your bigger picture.

Dreams CAN be a reality, but you have to do the work, drown the doubts and kill the complacency.

Point. Blank. Period.

Until next time loves...cheers to peace, happiness and making dreams a reality