The Signs Q&A

There's always talk about how different aspects of who you are define what you'll want to do in life. Your age, gender, geographical location and astrological sign all seem to come up repeatedly when these generalizations are made. You're a guy? You must want to work in sports. A Pisces? You must want to do something wildly creative. Live in Texas? Are you a cowboy? Chances are you've heard some of these associations before. But what are the chances that they're spot on?

To find out just how close (or far) they come, a total of 8 people were asked three general questions about what they'd do if they could do anything at all. In short, their life goals. Half were men, half women. They reside across the country in six different geographical locations, represent seven of the twelve astrological signs and come from three separate age groups according to America's 'typical' categories.

These are the questions they were asked:

1. If you could do/be anything, anything at all...what would you choose?

2. What skills do you have that would help you succeed in doing that?

3. What barriers are between you and what you truly want to do?

That's it. Just 3 seemingly simple questions. The goal wasn't to get too  much into their business and ask them why they haven't made the moves to reach their goals and carry on with a whole Oprah-type interview and therapy session. After all, most of them seemed to be on the right track towards reaching them. Just a casual insight on what people really want in life, whether they can recognize the barriers to getting what they want, and how those things relate to their 'signs', if they do at all.  Here are the 'subjects', the characteristics of their astrological signs, their answers to my questions and a general read on whether they fit the script:

Subject Details: Aries, Female, 27, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
Aries traits: Personal magnetism, leaders of the pack, first in line to get things done, initiates tasks rather than completing them

Current position: Air Force- MEPS USAF LNCO (it's military, just go with it)
Goal: Become a Captain in the Air Force
Skills/Qualifications: Currently in the Air Force, leadership, hardworking, motivated, people person
Barriers: Formal schooling necessary to move up to Captain. 
Read: Falls in line with Aries characteristics. Made the initial move to get into the military, knows what steps need to be taken to reach desired goals...working on actual completion. Fits the script for her sign. 

Subject Details: Taurus, Male, 33, Richmond, Virginia
Taurus traits: All about reward, adores comfort, revel in excess, prefers the good things in life

Current position: House manager of group homes
Goal: Sports Analyst
Skills/Qualifications: Leadership, hardworking, motivated, people person
Barriers: Saturated field, 'who you know' area  
Read: Fits the generalization that men like sports, but that's about it. Not about rewards or extreme comfort; but those things could come naturally with the hard work and leadership qualities this individual possesses. 

Subject Details: Taurus, Female, 29, Los Angeles, California
Taurus traits: All about reward, adores comfort, revels in excess, prefers the good things in life

Current position: Advertising Coordinator for a popular magazine
Goal: Professional Socialite 
Skills/Qualifications: People person, networking skills, outgoing, widely knowledgeable 
Barriers:  Building a strong social following
Read: Fits the script perfectly!!! Did gender play a role in this one, or maybe location? Either way, this Taurus is 100% fitting the script for their sign.

Subject Details: Cancer, Female, 24, Atlanta, Georgia
Cancer traits: All about home, maternal, domestic, nurturing, emotional

Current position: Retail Merchandise Coordinator
Goal: Owner of Nonprofit teaching young women makeup techniques and faith-based self esteem
Skills/Qualifications: Current make up artist, gifted at teaching people how to do things, well spoken, motivated
Barriers:  Getting started creating the Nonprofit.
Read: Fits the script perfectly. Qualified and motivated to reach her ultimate goals; seemingly keeps feelings out of the equation which seems to be a usual barrier for this sign. 

Subject Details: Leo, Male, 34, Greensboro, North Carolina
Leo traits: Love being center of attention, ambitious, love pleasure, like making an impression

Current position: Personal Trainer
Goal: Trainer for sports teams
Skills/Qualifications: People person, attained training certification, outgoing
Barriers:  Experience and professional degree
Read: Seems to fit the script of a Leo. After all, you're always the center of attention when you're training people whether it's one on one or one to 10. 

Subject Details: Virgo, Male, 32, New York, NY
Virgo traits: Picky, detailed, critical, efficient, methodical, modest, skeptical

Current position: Retail Stock Supervisor
Goal: Successful Sports Journalist
Skills/Qualifications: Excellent writer, knowledge and passion for sports 
Barriers:  Degree in Journalism
Read: Fits the script all the way. Down to the answer for what they'd be- Successful Sports Journalist. You can be a sports journalist and still be dead broke. But the detailed manner of a Virgo will answer with conviction- they don't just want to be a sports journalist, but a successful one. 

Subject Details: Libra, Male, 26, Atlanta, Georgia
Libra traits: Graceful, idealistic, indecisive, diplomatic

Current position: Producer
Goal: Designer for Nike
Skills/Qualifications: Avid shoe collector, previous professional experience with Nike, forward thinker
Barriers:  It's a 'who you know' industry; must have an impact on forward moving culture
Read: This one is a split. What is your read?

Subject Details: Pisces, Female, 26, Atlanta, Georgia
Pisces traits: Selfless, spiritual, feelings-based, lazy, dreamer

Current position: Retail Sales Lead
Goal: Missionary
Skills/Qualifications: Bilingual
Barriers:  No rich family member to support that goal, as it is not lucrative 
Read: Just as the list of traits seems to split right down the middle, so do the answers. They're spiritual yet dreamy. Fits the script for the sign spot on. 

And that's it! Most of the individuals fit their signs pretty closely, while others seem to have the traits more in the background and as a subconscious possibility. Location and gender seem to have somewhat of an effect on what people want to do as well...all of the guys' answers were sports related. Thanks for that parallel, fellas!  

I appreciate all of the answers my lovely people gave me. A lot of them made me smile-especially Ms. Taurus' answers. Thank you for taking the time to answer my randomly invasive questions and answering them accordingly without too much push-back. One day we can all meet in one central location and toast to the accomplishments I'm certain we will all've spoken about what you truly want in life and put it in the universe. Now watch as it unfolds. 

What are my details, goals, barriers and read? Oh, we'll save that for the another time. In the meantime and in between time, if you'd like to add your input, feel free to comment on this post; and if you'd like to answer the questions yourself and get included on the next post about signs and dreams and amazingness, email me here: 

Until next time you amazing individuals,
Cheers to peace, love and living out our dreams.