My FABULOUS weekend!

So I figured I’d share my fabulous, amazing weekend with everyone so you can all be jealous of how much fun I had. Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

It all began on Friday when I had less of an appetite than usual. All day I was lacking my usual overall hunger that usually hits approximately every three hours. Late in the afternoon was when I began to feel nauseous. So very nauseous. I did a few “ I think I may throw up” runs to the bathroom but didn’t…until about 4:50pm, when I definitely , definitely did.  So I said ok. I suppose something is awry. Let me just grab a shake on the way home in the event that I can’t keep it down. 
Unfortunately for me, I was craving something with peanut butter, chocolate and banana. So I found a Jamba Juice and got just that. Two hours later…my body decided it didn't want it. Ohh yea…read between those lines.

Friday night was spent bed ridden with a high fever and nausea. I didn't want anything to eat, the sight of food made me cringe and I JUST wanted to fall asleep because that would mean I didn't have to be nauseous anymore. I ended up being a useless sap and crying about it. Hot mess. So I drank TheraFlu and took two Motrin…ended up knocked out…until 2am. At which point I woke up with my stomach in knots. So I did what any tired, sick person with common sense would do…I laid there as still as possible until I fell back asleep.

Saturday was extra exciting. I was in bed the entire day. I had Lipton chicken noodle soup at 9:30am, cookie dough at 10:30am and ice cream at 11:30am. Then TheraFlu and a nap. Then I served myself dinner which consisted of salmon, potatoes and mixed greens….and was only able to finish the salmon. Then at 9pm decided I wanted fruit, cheez its, cranberry walnut bread and Gatorade…so that’s what I had. Small amounts of each. Then TheraFlu…and… That’s all she wrote.

Sunday was adventure day. That’s when the attempt to run the errands from Saturday happened. Thirty minutes outside of the house and I felt like I was going to fall out. I got some stuff done though! Mission kind of accomplished!  I tried, dammit!
But in all seriousness, the weekend is over and I still can’t eat like normal. I eat the four things I can, as much as I can…which isn’t very much and that’s it. I serve the food but can’t finish it…hell I barely make a dent in it.

So what did I do? I “looked up my symptoms” on WebMD of course! The BIGGEST no-no ever when you’re not feeling well.  According to the site, I either have kidney failure, some kind of thyroid disorder, anorexia (?) or food poisoning. Soooo…I’m going with food poisoning. Now if only I could remember what I ate on Thursday that could’ve caused this...

But alas, I can’t…and it’s just way too much work to figure it out so I’ll just hang in there and try to get my nutrients in some way somehow.

Now that you've seen how absolutely amazing my weekend was…I know you’re jealous, but just try to have at least half as much fun as I did when Friday of this week hits.

Until next time…peace, love and umm…health to all.