No SeRiOusLy...I LOVE NeW YoRk

Ahhhh...the time has come. For me to share my amazing trip to New York with you. This trip is proof that you don't need too much to have an amazing time...but you can do all the things you want to do with the people that matter the most and create memories that will last fo-e-vah.

I'm going to do this chronologically, or at least do my best to...Enjoy the story and feeeeeel the love that I have for New York.

No seriously, I. LOVE. NEW YORK.
Ahhh...After a 4:30 am wake up call, a 6:30 am flight from San Antonio to Dallas and a 2 hr and 40 minute flight from Dallas to LaGuardia in New York (yea, the flight was so lengthy they played a movie)...after all of that, I finally arrived in New York. 

The first order of business was my Metrocard. I looked and looked for the machine...couldn't find it to save my life so I asked a red-coat...who directed me to turn around and go to the Hudson News stand. $29.00 later I was a Metrocard toting fool. My trip-mate Natyelli was all nice and prepared and shit with my travel instructions from Laguardia. First step: GET YA ASS ON THE Q33. That went smoothly...but then the J train and G mess..Lets just say my destination was Brooklyn and I ended up in Queens. But no worries. I made it. Eventually. And the trip officially began. We ran around town, getting lost some more, starving and being ready to either faint or curse someone out. Then we realized....oh shit...its 6pm and we haven't even gotten to the place we're staying. We are gross, haven't eaten and have our Marc Anthony concert in LESS THAN 2 HOURS. 

So we got our lives together, got to our destination, did an amazing wardrobe change all fresh and clean...our amazing host Christian ran and got us delicious Dominican food while we scrambled about and even called our cab for us- when we were actually ready and had eaten...he said they'd be there really quick and sure enough...he called... and BOOM they were there. Like magic. 

And just like that...we were off. A bumpy ride...but we didn't care. HELLO we were on our way to see MARC ANTHONY....IN BROOKLYN...Does life get better???

The answer is YES. Yes, it does. We had seats that gave us the view you see above. Nothing is really clear on the phone picture...but we could see him...and we were happy. We were SO happy. Dancing, singing...losing our shit. Forreal. 

And then...

Someone in "official" Barclay's attire with a lanyard. Yea you know they're official when they have a lanyard. Well someone came up to us and said "THESE ARE FROM MARC ANTHONY, YOU GUYS CAN MOVE DOWN TO THE FRONT"

Us: That's not funny. ...Are you serious?....Lets go ask an usher if it's legit. 
So we did...and sure enough..."Yep, you guys need to go all the way to the last stadium entrance and go allll the way down. You're in the front row of the stadium seats. 

So then we lost our shit some more. Danced and danced and sang and it was all amazing. Just allll amazing. Man. Seriously...amazing. 

Marc Anthony and Tito el Bambino. You know the song. 


Marc. Anthony. Alllll up close and shit!

Our double fisted, over priced dranks. Two each.

Then...came...our Saturday adventure. It was on our list of things we absolutely HAD to do while in New York...RUN THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE. And let me just tell you it was BRICK out there. Wind hitting (not blowing, but hitting) towards Brooklyn, which is where we entered. So we walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan then ran BACK. Behold...our epic Brooklyn Bridge adventure:

 We arrived at High Street..Brooklyn our full on Lady Gaga 'Edge of Glory' attire. Ready for it. 

Took the token pics in front of the map...MANDATORY. Duh.


Now run! But pose too!

And we ran...and we snapped pictures....



Then...we trekked it to Che adorable (and delicious) Argentinian Cafe that was supposed to be 5 blocks from where we were staying. Our GPS took us on what seemed to be a car route and we walked and walked and death glares from Orthodox Jews as we ended up wandering their turf (IN Lady Gaga Edge of Glory attire...and with red lips..aka the devil himself sheesh)...we finally found a bodega and asked the guy how to get to the street we needed to go to...and he said... "ISS RIGHT THEA. RIGHT DOWN DA HILL. YA CAN'T MISSSSIT"

So we walked...right down the hill..and indeed...we found it. I still dream of the gnocchi. With red sauce. I can't wait to have it again..I only got to taste it. Sigh........And then we were the house to change..and to head to Aunt Lill's house. No..I don't have actual family in Brooklyn, but I have something very much like it. There's a very special family in New York that welcomes me with open arms and treats me like family. They're amazing and it was a priority to get to see them while I was there. 

Within 5 minutes of arriving...we were poured shots and served food. Then came the drinks (because you know, drinks and shots...two completely different animals)... We poe'd our troubles and drank the night away...played beer pong, dice, talked shit, laughed...talked shit some more...then had to eat again...then rolled out in a cab with a very enthusiastic cab driver from Haiti. 

...We may have turnt up too much...but it's ok. There's no judgement at Aunt Lill's house. 

And then....on Sundayyyy...

Christian Amazing got us to the MoMA!

We saw some amazingness and some pollen art and some TWISTED art...and it was so cooollllddd outside that any fabulous outfit attempts were shut down because we had to bundle ALL the way up. 

 Then we headed to to SoHo. My very very very happy place. Saw my favoritteeeeeee New Yorker and drank whiskey. Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction...and an amazing end to an epic weekend. 

 This is pretty much the only picture we captured. The drinks were flowing pretty freely. Ahhhh man...I LOVE NEW YORK. AND I FUCKIN LOVE SOHO. 

 And then it was time to go...we took a HUGE bite out of the big apple and I personally CANNOT WAIT to get back.

Until next time New York,

I always have and always will love you so very very much. We will meet again...much sooner than later.

Peace, love and extreme happiness to all.