Ice Water and Lemon Wedges

Greetings. I had something pre-written to post, but I kind of feel like this needs to be organic. Like...a freestyle in a cypher. You can't spit something in a cypher you pre-wrote and get any kind of respect for it. Naamean? Therefor, I'm sitting up in a Panera because I needed some quiet time- or rather me time, because we all know Panera is NOT quiet. ESPECIALLY on a Sunday afternoon. But anyways. Yea, I'm that nerdy girl in the corner with my headphones on typing away on a laptop...Simultaneously people watching in silence. Eh. What can you do.

Moving on. I hope everyone had a fabulous new year and is still holding on tight to those new year's resolutions. Personally, I didn't make any. I did make a to-do list of sorts for include things like taking AT LEAST 5 trips outside of Texas, use my passport, jog across the Brooklyn Bridge...ya know, shit like that. I look forward to marking each one off of the list. There are 7 things on it right now. I plan to have to add more. Actually, I think I'll post them here. Makes it more of a contract with myself if the whole world can see it. Here they are in all of their glory:

1. Jog across the Brooklyn Bridge.
2. Take (at least) FIVE trips outside of Texas
3. Get incorporated in the State of Texas
4.Complete "Operation Happiness"

I saw this in a $50 journal when I was in Dallas last week. You simply write ONE sentence a day of something that made you happy that day. Brilliant. Mine will take place in my $10 planner. My GOLD $10 planner. it matches my GOLD journal. All gold errthang in 2013. Prosperity, baby. Surround yourself with beauty and you will attract beautiful things. Sorry, got sidetracked. Where was I...

5. USE MY PASSPORT. It's all fresh and ready to be stamped on trips to amazing places.
6. Go Skydiving
7. Visit Mexico on a road trip

There you have it. It's all out there now all up in the universe and in front of your eyeballs. I feel naked. Now I really have to cross all of these things off my 2013 to do list. I feel like if you have an actual LIST you are more likely to follow it and mark things off because what is more satisfying than crossing things off of a list after you've done them??? I knowww some of you make to-do lists even after you've done some of the things you put on it just to mark them off of the list. A resolution is more like...I WANT TO do this...but if I don't was just a thought. Ya know??

Anywho...I know you people love pictures, so here are a FEW from my favorite moments in 2012 with my favorite people...enjoy!

My first family reunion. In Ponte Vedra Beach, FL... To which I brought Natyelli, of course. She is an honorary Escribano. We went back to Atlanta BURNT TO A CRISP and in search of after sun lotion or soothing gel.

Our road trip to Hilton Head!!! Twas lots of fun...even with the explosive and usual fights between Nhy and Marioooo lol...

Ohh I discovered the amazingness that is Paper Frank's art at his showcase held at City of Ink, naturally.

 Ok, I know no actual person is in this one, but still...It was an important moment. I realized that Shit COULD be worse...after all the bullshit. I was still alive and well.

On the road to Hilton Head and the GPS just refused to stick to the windshield. Even after Nhy SLOBBED all over it. Look closely, you can see the smeared spit on the glass. Hope you weren't eating.

Ok so clearly Hilton Head holds a memory. Mostly because I've already shared pictures from my other trips in past posts. Yes......GO EXPLORE! Hahahaa...but no seriously, Hilton Head is definitely haunted I mean HELLO look at the ghost in this pic!!!!!!!! WTF????

Woop. hahhaaa

Sharing memorable moments with my family...I don't get to see them often, but when we are together...we turn up. :)

Well people...that'll do it until next time.

Peace, love, lists and ALL GOLD ERRTHANG in 2013!