A Quickie

Hellooooooo people. This is quick, short and to the point, I won't take up too much of your time...but just an update on things in Texas for my friends and loves...and a touch your nose one time for all the people reading this just wishing and hoping something terrible has happened or that I'm sad or going through bad times (you know who you are...I have no hate in my heart for you...karma has you on it's list....and besides..."God don't like ugly" haha)

Anywho...here's a quick rundownnn of the amazingness...I hope to make you smile even if it's just a little smirk:

Yea...my relationship status became this. 

My friendship bracelet collection grew :)

It's 82 degrees in the middle of January. Hahahaa...I sent this picture to a friend in New York and the response was simply "F*ck you."

I get to see this little face every dayyyyy

I got a FitBit!!!!!! 10,000 steps a day people!!!! Not as easy as you think!

The realization that this needs to be a permanent mindset. 

I'm taking my vitamins!!!!!

My 2013 planner and journal. Amazingness. All gold errthanggggg

I got room service. You have to spoil yourself from time to time.

Certified badass. I took the test for Tough Mudder. Oh and I chose Dali's stache.Duh.

(Obviously) I'm drawing again. This is a work in progress so don't make any mean comments! 

THIS happened somewhere in the world. 

Dots!!!!! Pointilism!!!I'm obsessed with creating these.

That's it. Told you it was short and sweet. Until next time...art, happiness and friendship bracelets. 


  1. Ummm, should this count? Lol. At least you worned us on the quickie notion. Lol. You tipped toe'd out and left the money on the night stand on this one. Lol j/k


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