Retro Post: SdotCurls Birthday Wishlist 2012

Greetings. The time has come for this year's Birthday Wishlist! I know, I know you're very excited to not have to guess around at what to get me. I do this for you. LOL sounded good, right? Just so you don't need any further information since you may be surprising me...I am a size small top, size 7.5 in shoes and my wrist is 7" around. So yes, my birthday is coming up on December 26th and I will be 27. I was going to just do a list of 25 things, but my good friend Natyelli told me "no bitch! 27 things!"'m making a list of 27 things. It wasn't easy, but I managed to get it done. If anyone wants to surprise me and doesn't have my new address, feel free to send the gifts to: Shannon SdotCurls   P.O. Box 340788 San Antonio, TX 78234.

Ok, without further a due, lets get started:

1. Lush Creme Anglaise. I mean...need I say more? If you're wondering how wonderful it is, visit to bask in the amazingness.

2. A round trip Delta flight between San Antonio and Atlanta!!!! I want to visit my friends! 

 3. When I visit, I'd like to stay here...and have a spa's my mini vacation after all. And I'd like to stay where I know it's comfy and amazing and in my old neighborhood! Yes! Yes! Yes!

4. A Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer. I just really like baking stuff. 

5. Lush Dream Cream. If you don't know I'm crazy about this stuff, look it up!

6. A round trip Southwest Airlines ticket between San Antonio and Los Angeles. I haven't seen my Carletta boo in ages! 

7. Alice and Olivia luggage. For my trips, of course. Sidenote: I love stripes.

8. For the confused gifter....You can keep it simple and leave me to my own devices with an American Express gift card. 

9. Blacked out Marc Jacobs watch. I just love this.


11. Butter nail polish. Whatever color you think looks amazing on me. No metallics please. 

12. Hi, I'm awkward sweatshirt. Because HELLO, I am! 

13. You can never go wrong with an iTunes gift card. Like, ever. 

14. "Keep Calm and Carry On" OWL mug from Stash! Obsessed with Owls!!!!

15. Leopard Vans. Need I say more?

16. MacBook Air. It's high time for a new laptop. As seriously, I need a new laptop. 

17. An appointment with the amazing Miya Bailey at City of Ink in Atlanta.

18. Yep. Muffin Tops suck. Why not have a GYM bag to remind you they do??

19. Just Google "OCD Office supplies" and it'll pop right up. This is just perfect for me. PERFECT I TELL YOU! 

20. Lush Olive Branch!!!!!! 

21. A suite for the weekend at the Omni in Dallas!....

22. To coincide with tickets to the Perot museum of nature and science of course. 

23. Philosopy Living Grace lotion, body wash, perfume...the scent just makes me happy. 

24. Philosopy Flirty Girl gift...just sooo cute!!!! 

25. Tiffany blue Vans. YES. LORD.

26. Tiffany Zip Smart Wallet. I literally NEED this in my life!!!!!

27. Zipper mug. Beacuse obvs. I'm OBSESSED with tea. 

And that does it!!!! This is my list for 2012!!!! MY new year is in 16 daysssss!!!!

Peace, love and gifting to all!