Random Thoughts for the Day...Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012

Ahhh...the holiday spirit is in the air...and I've been making some great leeway with gifts for my friends back in Atlanta this week, even though I can't actually buy anything until this weekend. Shipping a car halfway cross country will put nicely defined dents in your pockets pretty quick. I've also been creating some great art. I used to draw and create all the time, then I stopped for awhile...now I'm back at it...a select few people in my life will get some pretty dope, personalized art from me in their holiday packages. They'll also get some home baked goodness. If there are two things I love to do it's bake (hence the mixer on my birthday wishlist) and create artsy fartsy shit, that's for sure. If I don't know you well enough for some personalized art, then you'll certainly be getting some baked goodies and a HAND WRITTEN Christmas card...I think that's more personal than just a card with a signature. But that's just me. My friend Natyelli will be getting a mix of both though, because she's OBSESSED with Papyrus cards. I believe people should get what they love. No matter how random or small. If you know something will make someone you care about smile...DO IT.

Umm...time out, breaking news, hol' up, hol' up hol' up...has anyone seen Tre T-Style?? This pit bull that does PARKOUR??? Well...now you have. Don't let any flies fly into your mouth because your jaw will hit the floor. This shit makes no sense.

Anywho...until next time...peace, love and amazingness!