Retro Post: Don't Cry Over Colored Pencils...oh and it's my birthday!

Don't cry over spilled colored pencils. The colors may be all mixed up now...which may really be messing with your OCD...and you probably can't manage to find the 2 basic colors you're looking for...aaand two of them shot across the room (nobody knows how it gained such velocity)...placing those few up under something in the house...and now you're pissed because you have to get on your hands and knees to try and find it...BUT the kaleidoscopic the mess has created is pretty. Sometimes you have to take a moment and see the beauty in the mess. I'm not going down any specific road of encouragement or getting at any pep talk...because I mean let's be honest...if you're a grumpy stump then you'll just be grumpy no matter words won't help a damn. So take it as you will...and just smile.

Today's my birthday. My twenty-seventh birthday to be exact.

This year has been a legit roller coaster. There were good times, amazing times, lonely times, extreme highs and extreme lows. New beginnings and concrete endings. I learned a lot about myself, the people in my life, what I have allowed and what that's resulted in...what I haven't allowed and how that's affected things and most importantly, what REALLY matters. I've gone back to creating art
on a regular basis. Something I've always loved to do. I'd stopped doing it for awhile. Not sure why...but the urge to create fleeted me for too long. I'm just glad it's back. I can truly say at this point that I know what I want. I know who I want in my life and I know what roles they play in it. Treating myself right and treating myself in general is a priority and making the people that  matter smile and feel special is a must. I'm comfortable in my own skin and confident in all that I do. If I don't know something, I ask questions. I never stop learning new things. I never put off telling someone how I feel, no matter how that may be. just gotta do things on impulse and see how it turns out...if you fall on your gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep it moving.  If there's anything my ball of random Natyelli has taught me through our friendship, it's THAT.

I've moved halfway across the country, made at least one new friend, found a gym, work with great people; and have some pretty amazing plans in place if I do say so myself.

Anywho...enough about all that...let's get into some token photographic moments from my 26th year...Here are some of my favorite  moments with some of my favorite people from my last year of being 26...most of which also happen to be in my last year of living in Atlanta, GA. ATLANTA IS THE CITY, FULTON IS THE COUNTY!

I got my A-Town tattoo by the amazing Miya Bailey himself!!!A day at City of Ink in Atlanta...if ever you're in Atl and want some amazing ink, THIS is the place to go. Home to Miya, Paper Frank, Melvin Todd, Taste of Cake and many others that will make you proud to have their art on your body!  


...I went to Hilton Head with my Natyelli...we sunbathed as we layed on the clay-sand.

I said goodbye to Camden Brookwood in Buckhead...Great place to live..LOCATION IS EVERYTHING!

A crazy broad hit my car at a STOP LIGHT. Not a favorite moment, but definitely a moment in this year nonetheless.

Everything I knew about tattoos was corrected, updated and refreshed with this amazing documentary. It's a MUST SEE... Color Outside The Lines

I met Craig at Natyelli's birthday dinner. He smelled my hair, became a client for Spanish tutoring, introduced me to City of Ink. He is definitely one of a kind and someone that is a staple in this whirlwind of mine! 

Lyle. My road confidant. This pic was at our last lunch together...of all the amazing restaurants we tried out over the years we had our last lunch at Popeye's lol priceless!

LaGuardia balanced forks. lol

Ohhhhh Lyle got his passport! FINALLY!

Me, Nhy and Cindy had our amazing, strange, grungy and tipsy nights at Graveyard

We had our first Escribano Family Reunion!!!

Kris' rear view...looked like this. 

Nhy got excited on her birthday!

...and the next night we got excited some more!

She got her A-town stamp by none other than Paper Frank!

I packed my shit. Dirty Vans and all. 

Sean and I ate vodka gummis!

Me and Nhy went out. I was stressed. So very very very stressed.

I snapped a selfie in the bathroom of City of Ink. Then drank with Craig...and drank some more. 

Cinco de Mayo 2012. Nuff said. 

I thought about it...and drank some more. Stress is a bitch!

Then....I skipped town and headed west, ending up in Texas. 

I saw the sights, gathered my thoughts...started all over. 

Reunited with my boo...

Then got birthday cards...

That were delightfully inappropriate to some people. 

But MY people get me...and sent them nice and inappropriate. Just the way I like it! Everyone have a wonderful week...I'll have a wonderful birthday and 27th year! 

Face your fears, believe in yourself and don't take shit from anyone not worthy! 

Until next time....peace, love and birthday cake!


  1. I love u and im writting for u right now

  2. Clearly you care!!! Douche bag and for the record it's "nobody" !!! Sign Tinnie Je'!!!

    1. Thank you Tinnie doll! Creepers these days...they have nothing better to do... :)

    2. The foolishness has been deleted Tinnie boo. We start businesses around here, not hate threads. ;)


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