Retro Post: Straight Like That

Disclaimer: I didn't proof this (hell must be freezing over)...I simply listened to one song...on repeat....and started writing...typed...then posted.

"Mothafuck a struggle, we dancin' in the rain..."

Mind won't stop going, lists keep's a "holiday" but my mind is need to get up, get out...get this this and this done.

My intuition is telling me...sit down, relax that goddamn mind...this time tomorrow...and the rest of the week, hell rest of the year for that'll be going a mile a minute. Appreciate this downtime. For fuck's sake...appreciate this downtime.

Moved halfway across the country, doing 4 miles a day. Running 2.5 of em straight...when just a month ago I couldn't even do one without stopping. (but really I mean half of that).

Before I left I stressed. Everything I knew as the norm was a mess. The ones that mattered came thru on the clutch. The others fell off and the new reality of that...I won't lie, it sucked.

"Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter"

Everything happens for a reason is what I'm told...that's really real and something we all need to realize before we're "old" .

I hate rhyming...but someone very close to me...who knows me way to well...told me to listen to this song...well I'm lying...simply texted the name of a song to me...

So I googled the lyrics 'cause their suggestions never steer me wrong.

Then I clicked on the actual song...and as of now have listened to it four times...

Music liberates the mind.

"Just move your ass."

Now's the time when I (usually) go back and read what I've written...or perhaps I should play the song again...and just keep going.

Once more. Just for the love of music.

Melodies...move you...

Haha let me stop. That's enough for today, and my phone is ringing. Another song suggestion perhaps? Or maybe just to chat. In a world where actual calls are grow to appreciate actual matter what they're about or how much or little is said.

Now go splash in some puddles...

" 'Cause don't nobody wanna dance slow in the rain."

Until next time...peace, love, actual phone calls... and music.