Worst Come to Worst, My People Come First (Retro Post)


Ok so...here's the deal with me. I like art, music, techie stuff, Vans, comedies, dogs, all natural soaps and such. Aside from that, I get a kick out of trying out random diets for health benefits. Right now, as you probably already know...I'm on a gluten free diet. Yes, I feel better than I did before I went on it , yes I have lost weight and my stomach isn't bloated all the damn time. Today I watched "Forks over Knives" and based on that alone I will be trying a completely plant based diet in a week or two. I just have to get my fill of cheese before I go all the way. That's another thing ...I'm kind of obsessed with documentaries. Not just any random documentary about like...carpets. But stuff that interests me. Like health- hence Forks over Knives, and tattoos- so I purchased Miya Bailey's "Color Outside the Lines" when I went to get my A-day, A-town stamp. Amazing documentary. I highly recommend it. Yes, just click on the title to get to the website. Then...BUY IT. Learn about the ink and the artist. It DOES matter.

WHY did I get an 'A' tattooed on my side? Well...firstly, it's not in honor of any ex-boyfriend. Of which, I must say...I only consider 3 people I've dated here in Atlanta to be actual ex boyfriends. Their initials being...*drum roll*:  ANE, SLC and CAA. So you can see that at least 2 of those 3 could easily assume it's about them. But alas...sorry to burst bubbles, it isn't. It is truly my "A-town stamp". And I wear it proudly. After moving here for college (GSU, go Panthers!...with whatever sports they're into nowadays), I got to know myself, who I am, what I like, what I don't, what I WON'T compromise, what I will take chances with, who I do and don't want in my circle...all of that. I ventured out on my own at 19 and have been that way ever since. While here, I've made friendships that I really believe will last a lifetime and met people that have changed my life. I've had experiences I'll never forget and tattoos to go along with them. I don't have 25 tattoos, but the ones I do have are all connected to someone here in Atlanta. Aside from that, freakin MIYA BAILEY did mine! Barely felt a thing when he was doing the tattoo..not sure if my adrenaline was pumping or if he really just does have the "most gentle hands in Atlanta". 

The people I've met here...(except my bestie Danni...I met her...elsewhere), have created a whole flow chart of connections and new friends. Yes, I used everyone's Twitter names. The heart represents the people in my innermost circle. Ya know, the people I talk to just about everyday and they're the creeps that know all my secrets. Sometimes I want to slap them each individually but then...I remember...that...they know all my secrets. So I let them live. I let it go...give home ec another chance.

Ever since all these exchanges and friendships formed, I get up and get out more...always to something that really interests me. Art, music, the occasional ratchetness, and of course...the beach. OUR ROAD TRIPS ARE EPIC.

The people I keep close and maintain contact with...are some of the most "I don't give a f*ck" individuals you will ever meet. We laugh, we cry, we get moody, we curse...we fight, realize we steal each others stuff, hug and make up...and then try to figure out what we will be eating for dinner. All in one conversation.
If we don't have time to talk, we text...we tweet...we send snail mail to cheer each other up or just to say..."Hey asshole, I love you!"

It is what it is. I am who I am...my people are who they are....the people I text everyday...maintain contact with...even if they aren't on my chart...they know they have a place in my life. If you have a problem with that well... who the hell cares.

That's all the randomness for today...I hope it made you smile...if it didn't, or it made you mad then...just remember...

Until next time friends, creepers and readers....Peace, love, tea and ink!