Its Been Two Weeks...and I'm Still Gluten-Free, Dammit!

Upon the cusp of the second full week of the gluten free diet...and I must say I think I will keep it going. So far I have been able to maintain a steady budget with groceries averaging at the goal of $50/week, I don't feel bloated and heavy, I have WAY more energy of yesterday I lost 3 pounds. I'd weigh myself today for a truly updated weight loss but my hair is wet and may cause the scale to give  false reading. Yea I said it.


Week one of the diet went completely fine. While I was at to make my own meals. Here's what I ate:

Breakfasts: Gluten Free Cinnamon Chex- sometimes a full size bowl with an added banana, sometimes a small bowl with a boiled egg on the side...skim milk all week.

Lunches: Leftovers from dinner, of course.

    Monday: Cardamom honey chicken, broccoli stir fry with ginger sesame, brown butter and goat cheese mashed potatoes

     Tuesday: Italian chicken sausage and mushroom risotto
     Wednesday: Chicken breasts with goat cheese and arugula, brussels sprouts, creamy mashed potatoes

     Thursday: Chicken breast with mushroom sage sauce over quinoa

     Friday: Gluten free pizza from Mellow Mushroom (for lunch, actually..leftovers for dinner)

I found all my recipes at (tweaked some of them just a bit to fit my own tastes) and they all came out phenomenal. 

HOWEVER. I went to Hilton Head and Tybee Island last weekend to celebrate the first weekend of summer 2012 and THAT was a bit of a struggle.

Thank goodness I ate a boiled egg before we headed out of town because breakfast was had at a McDonald's on the road. I had a small coffee. Aside from the fact that I haven't had McDonald's food in about a year, there's NOTHING  gluten free on that menu.

Moving on to the road trip the car there were...Doritos, an ice cream bar and other delicious "no-no" foods. Me? oh... I had beef jerky. I just chewed and chewed...and....chewed...on my freakin jerky.

When dinner came around...we went to a seafood restaurant. Everyone had appetizers...all fried...and therefor all off limits to me. Apparently anything battered and fried has gluten. So I just waited for my food while everyone else munched on calamari and other tasty appetizers. Ultimately I had some sort of skillet with veggies, seafood and potatoes. Nothing battered, all no gluten approved. Dinner was a success. So was this eerie picture that the waiter took. Pretty sure the distortion was a ghost. Yep, Hilton Head is haunted too..and this was the ONLY picture in the restaurant and that night that came out like this.
The next day, I got up second..there was a fifth person on the trip but they disappeared for the first chunk of the morning...I woke up STARVING. So I headed downstairs for the continental breakfast since it was still early. Not so continental...NOTHING gluten free. Not the cereal, not the ratchet 'hot' choices of fake eggs and sausages...and of course, biscuits and gravy. So...I grabbed some black tea and headed on my merry way to wait for the rest of the group to wake the hell up. Once they finally woke up...and we all came to the agreement that we would indeed head to Tybee Island, we headed to Hilton Head Diner , which was right down the street.

    I chose to have bacon, eggs and fruit. All gluten free. I did however have a craving for chocolate milk. The thing is...POWDERED chocolate milk isn't gluten free because it includes malt. When I asked the waitress whether they used powder or syrup, she looked at me confused and said she didn't know...that they just have a "thing" that they use for chocolate milk. Luckily, it was syrup that they used. Gluten free!

Moving right along to dinner on the trip back...we went to Chili's and ...Chili's has a WHOLE list of gluten free menu items. Praises were due.

And right this week. Extra successful. Even with lunches not made at home. Not many words are are the photos of my second week eats:

 Breakfasts: Chex Gluten free cinnamon cereal (what can I say, it's damn good) with bananas and almond milk. I decided to also go lactose free this week.

 Dinner 1: Kale with Italian chicken sausage and garbanzo beans. (SO yummy)

 Dinner 2: A second try at the risotto (the first attempt was a little difficult) ...added spinach to the mix to get some veggie action.
 Not a meal, but we did have cake in the office for a coworker's farewell. I stuck to my guns and had these delicious gluten free cookies. Really...they're good.
 Dinner 3: Almond ginger chicken, green beans with shallots and mushrooms and colcannon (basically mashed potatoes with kale mixed in) DELISH. One of my favorites. I substituted mango chutney for honey on the chicken and it was a perfect swap.

Friday group lunch at the office: We had Jason's Deli....and luckily...Jason's Deli had a gluten free box lunch option for meee! It was actually good too! 
 Monday lunch...because we got home late from the beach...I knew Amy's would be there for me with gluten free, organic options. Pretty good.

Friday dinner....the chicken with arugula and goat cheese- with added garlic, and brussels sprouts with toasted almonds. 

All in all this diet experiment has been kind of fun. I'm cooking every night and it's becoming easier and easier to figure out gluten free options when I haven't cooked. As of right now, day 6 of week 2, I recommend this diet to anyone looking to feel better, eat healthier and of course...lose a little weight along the way. I'm going to keep this going to see just how much it affects my body and overall well being. Stay connected to the results via twitter/instagram and check back here for updates. @sdotcurls everything !

Until next time, health freaks, followers and interested parties...

Peace, love and FOOD!