Scoutmob and Other Cool Shit From the Weekend

SCOUTMOB.  I’m sure most of you, or I hope most of you have used it or at least heard of it. Plain and simple: good deals in your area that let you try new stuff for the cheap.
It seems as though more and more places I’d like to go or have been before and loved are popping up on my Scoutmob app these days. 

Friday afternoon I peeled out of the office a little early and met up with my partner in crime at Smith’s Olde Bar in the Ansley area. To our surprise and delight, it was on Scoutmob for 50% off!!! We had our “happy hour” drinks and some featured eats from none other than THE AMAZING Fox Bros. BBQ, got our 50% off using my app and even came back for more later in the night and used my paat-na’s app when we just had drinks (and listened to the tunes the sick DJ they had in was playing). Win win win all the way around. (Don’t get your panties in a wad, we always tip on the pre-discounted total).


Dude. This used to be one of my favorite places to be in the summer. The person I went with moved away and I haven’t been back…until this weekend…and let me just say it was the most pleasant of surprises. Not only was it on Scoutmob for 50% off, but when we got there there was a huge grill and full spread happening just outside the fence of the patio. We asked our waitress-who we dubbed “sunshine” because of her bubbly personality- what the dealy-o was and she told us it was the cook’s 50th birthday and he was cooking for everyone. 

Now…naturally…we had to ask our security questions for clarity:
1.      Is it just for employees? (nope!)
2.      What’s the catch?  (no catch!)
3.      What’s the cost? (no cost! Its free! Help yourselves!)

And then…we rejoiced and had some bangin ass food (and a few free shots of Jameson) for the free-99 on TOP of the 50% off we were getting on our purchased drinks through Scoutmob.  And on TOP of that (as if it couldn’t get any better), there’s a return perk for using the app. Twenty-five percent off my next visit!!!! Oh yessss ma’am!!

(Don’t fret, I’m not done with my Scoutmob tales just yet.)

Not sure how to explain how we got down to it other than the fact that it was a freaking HIKE but some kind of which way I ended up at the river and at some point got the balls (or perhaps, liquid courage) to jump off of an ohh… 25-30 ft+ rock into said river. Good times. Good, active times. You should turn off your tv and try it. Once I get the video of my jump I’m post it for your viewing pleasure.
So yea…after a day in the air and water, it was feeding time. So after a much needed shower and hair washing, Sufi’s was on the radar. Healthy food was the mission and it was assumed that it could be found there. Not to mention…yeah yeahhhhh yeahhhh…


Fifty sexy little percentages off. I’ve never been here but have wanted to go for awhile. It’s walking distance from my apartment and just looks inviting. The food was pretty good, but at the same time a bit simple-which makes me feel like it was a bit expensive for what it was. I get that it’s Persian, aka ‘exotic’, but most of the dishes include a protein-lots of chicken options, basmati rice, some leafy greens and a roasted tomato. That doesn’t exactly earn a $17-$24 price point in my book. Not to mention that it’s a dry establishment. I learned that after asking for the drink menu. Yeah. Apparently the liquor license is in the works according to reviews I’ve read but either it still hasn’t been approved or they just aren’t going to have one. They do let you bring your own wine though…for a nice $10 corking fee. But overall the experience was cool. Close to home, good atmosphere, chill live music and pretty good patio. Just not too sure I recommend going and paying full price for main dishes. I may return for appetizers if anything but that’s about it. 

And that wraps it up for this edition of cool shit Atlanta. Go download the Scoutmob app, try something new and don’t be afraid to fly…into the water…or wherever. (Don’t take that literally, Einsteins).
Oh and if you have any questions about these deals or how the hell any of this middle class food stamp discount stuff works, just shoot me an email

Have a great week people!!

Until next time….Love, laughter and free shit!