The Importance of Connection Maintenance...A Ramble of Things to Think About

First of all...did you not love the unnecessarily long title? People don't do that enough. Get the whole idea in there. Go for it. 

Its true as they say…people come and go like the seasons…some are meant to stay…others just simply…fade away. ( don’t try to jack that poetic justice right there. )

But in all seriousness, some people you meet and for some reason there’s something about them that sticks with you. They may be someone you consider your new best friend, a great colleague or just someone you come in contact with randomly at Jimmy John’s  but has something about them that you remember and you like that shit. 

Why the hell am I rambling about this you ask? Well…this year so far and specifically this past month alone, I’ve had to ask for help from people I’ve known in the past and vice versa. 

I used to work with a few women at a law firm…we’ll call them…yeah girl ½, yeah girl 1 and yeah girl 2. Yeah girl ½ came from out of town to train me when I got hired. She’s a half only because she was there for just a few months at a time, training someone or just helping out. Her mother, yeah girl 2, worked at the satellite office for the same firm. 

After I got laid off from that office and was out of a job, yeah girls 1 and 2 communicated with each other and then me about an attorney in North Atlanta that was hiring. They gave me his cell number, and with my newly boldness developed around that year I straight up called him. He asked me to come in for an interview that same day and I got hired on the spot.  Once I was there for awhile, yeah girl 2 expressed what we had all felt at that particular office I’d left…that the boss was a douche and she needed to get the hell out of there too.  She sent me her resume, I revised it…she got a call back within 24 hours of submitting the resume and had a new job within a week or 2. (If you need yours revised, hit me up... …you’ll get a special blog reader discount. Shhhh …) 

Around the same time, yeah girl ½ needed some help with some immigration documents…and since that was in my realm of knowledge and work, she reached out. I helped proof read and revise some of their immigration paperwork…long story short…everything got approved! 

Yeah girl 1 on the other hand is at the top of MY list for “I need something”. Whenever I’m stumped on some legal stuff… especially something in her area, I hit her up…and she’s been there with an answer or at least an opinion for me every single time. 

Then there’s people I met in college and the ones I met as a result of those college people…that I still keep in contact with regularly. Some that help me figure out how to get my freaking emails on my website ( …and even a few that may ultimately have a hand in me moving across the country to a warmer climate while I live out a few dreams in the process. (No, I don’t dream of being an actress.)

Sometimes I need their help, guidance, opinions and knowledge…sometimes they need mine. It’s just a matter of making the time to be there for either road its going down. For people that are worth it, the time isn’t hard to find and its worth it…so its possible. But you have to remember…recognizing WHO is worth it is vital. These people may be around one way or another for longer than you think.

Pay attention.

Remember this shit next time you’re interacting with someone:


That’s it for today’s soapbox and life lesson.

Until next time my dears… peace, love and communication.