Retro Post: Lets catch up.

So coming straight for your whole face is a March Madness blog...wherein I rant about the random shit that happened in March..and by rant I mean call out the fuckery by name...and glorify the amazingness in the same space. But until then, I figured we should catch up with some visuals of whats been going on in my glittery, hyper pigmented, stormy, quiet, loud and random world. In the event that some of you are creepers or just plain damn nosey, you can catch instant updates by stalking my Instagram: sdotcurls. Creep on, creepers. Enjoy the show. of the most important life. Never forget it.

Just waiting on my draik at the Iggy show.
Iggy Azalea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes...or rather all the time at just don't, need, heels.

I signed up for my first 5K. Pretty psyched...and should probably start training....yesterday. I need new running shoes....I've got my eye on those tie-dye looking Asics.

Take shots of it if you want to. But this shit right here is for full on detox from a bad cold. Plan to SWEAT. comment. Car repairs are a bitch. Details to come in the March Madness blog.

5k run, new gig, car fixed. Fuck yea. 

Let's unite on this one!!!!!!! DON'T PUMP GAS ON THE 15TH!!!!!!!!!!

Drop 10 gang. Are you a member?

Iggy. Iggy. Iggy.

Things we use La Virgen for. Didn't win, but the candle wasn't lit. Coming for it next time.

Daily texts from my mom. They make my day.

Twice a year, huskies have what's called a blowout where they completely shed their winter coats. This is my life for the next 3 weeks.

Best peanut butter you'll EVER taste. Seriously.

Whaaaaaaaaaaa?????? Well the rum was good. It's...*glances around*... local . *wide eye*

Good times. Sideways was how we ended up.

Thanks, Siri. You helpful broad you.
Yep. And don't you forget it.

That's all for this go round, folks. Stay tuned for my March madness.

Peace, love and amazingness.