Retro Post: Eleven-twenty-three

Black & Tan or something like was delish..and looks trippy.
Yea so...anyways...not sure where the hell time thinks it's going but March was a blur and here we are with only one week left in April. So I figured, let me stop procrastinating and get these March photo bombs up for the friends, their friends, family and all the nosey f*cks in between. I see you over there...stalking all things SdotCurls. It's all good. Say hello every now and then, homie.

So here they are...just for you...the March wrap up (plus a little glimpse of the mystery weekend trip from April). Enjoy !

On the road to the undisclosed weekend location, we had to stop for food of course. ...anddddd a beer. I had a heine. At 11:32 am. Cheers to the freakin weekend!
 I can't condone drinking at 11 am...well wait, actually...I can. I say it's noon somewhere. Most of us work too damn hard not to have one when we please in our freedom time. I'm just sayin.

Kufi- basically Indian ice cream
 This stuff was RICH RICH RICH. But it was good. I think I'd try a different flavor next time...but the only thing that struck me as strange was the list of ingredients. High fructose corn syrup?? What the hell? This is a healthy culture, there has to be another way of making it. No worries. I will investigate and taste test and let you know.

Daily texts from my Mami! They make my day!
 I mean come on. God bless the day our mothers decided to learn how to text, right? You gotta love it. Not only did she learn how to text, but she has developed her own text language. "DTB" translates to "dios te bendiga", something Hispanic people say to youngsters and their children. Means God bless :) . Sometimes these texts change the whole aura of my morning.
St. Paddy's Day. It was fun. No need to elaborate. Haha
 No really...I'm not going to elaborate. You just should have been there.

Creeeeepy tree from the mystery trip
 Can anyone guess where I was??

Mya the dog. She loves the dirty clothes. Never fails.

Super random but so true.
 A lot of you need to think about this one. You can't run around with a bible and go to church every week and claim to be this amazing God fearing, holier then thou Christian when you also talk shit about everyone and everything and judge people left and right and have hate in your heart. You know who you are. Remember this quote.
Ya, thanks. Thanks Charlie for that great answer. Good talk.
I think I'd rather the search just give me zero results. Charlie, you failed me on this one. Also, WHICH key words did you use to produce that answer????

The drive back view. Phenomenal.

Cheese and wine. Talk amongst yourselves.

That one day you're just plain exhausted from work. Yep, this is mine. From ONE of the many days in March.

Leave it to Latinos to make THIS the promo stand.
 Apparently, this stuff is orgasmic based on her face. I think I'll have to go try it. Could be the Latin version of a topping you'd say "I put that sh*t on everything" about.

Where in the world was Carmen SdotCurls Sandiego????

There was water!!!!

Bitches love mechanical horses.
No really...I was at a local umm.. not sure whether to call it a dive bar or a club or...a pajama party...and they had mechanical horses. It's genius. Mechanical horses and liquor. Boom.

One of Pandora's commercials.
I know Pandora bases their commercials on the area you're in. So It's no wonder the one time I went to an LA Fitness out in bumblefuck Alpharetta that THIS was one of the commercials I got a taste of. Really Pandora? REALLY? Circa...1998?????

Breakfast on the go. 

That wraps it up...didn't want to get your panties in a wad this early. So be here or be square next time for some April Tom Foolery action that is sure to get you jacked up. 

Now GO! Shoo! Have a fantastic freakin Tuesday..friends and foes alike.