Chapter 1, Page 4....Book 26

 Welp, it's finally here...2012. Better live it up because it might be the lastttt year everrrrrrr....right? riiiight? no? oh ok. So anyways...It's here. I spent NYE with 3 of my dearest girlfriends...drinking champagne and making more toasts that we could make things up for to take tasty shots. Yes. Tasty. Taking shots that make you cringe and or cause you to gag are sooo last year. We all gifted each other the appropriate panty- red is for love, yellow is for prosperity...and ordered a pizza as our last ode to fast food for awhile. Someone did a dance in a leotard...all of us yelled and squealed...and laughed...oh and ate our 12 grapes at midnight. Good luck for every month of the year. It's a must. 

This year I didn't do the whole "oh I'm so glad 2011 is over it was the WORST. YEAR. EVER." I've done that bit in the past..but it was when shit was really a mess. So yea...I was glad the year was over in 2010...I think in 2009 too...not sure. But 2011 was cool. I actually don't have any complaints. Huh. Funny how when you stop focusing on the don't even remember what they were in the first place. What a concept.
Let's did I come into the new year....well...I came into the new year single...not because anyone did anything horrible to the other person but just had to be like that...I came into the new year with new goals...with a few new friends...with an addiction to tea (which as a me pretty much all of the tea-related items listed on my Christmas/Birthday wishlist blog post)...with a great sense of self...and a great new skin regime if I do say so myself (thanks to the mounds of Bert's Bees and Eos products I got-also as a result of the wishlist post). 

As the saying goes...ask and you shall receive...And as soon as you don't want for anything, you will get it all...that's what Russell Simmons says, right? Yea it's something like that...2012 is the year of #SuperRich...Yes, yes... I made a wish list...but in reality I didn't expect to get any of it. And incidentally I got the best stuff on it. That was a good start to a happy new year. Thanks to great people in my life who actually pay attention. I like that shit.


Ahhhhh...What better way to start a new year than to start it fresh, clear headed and knowing how to finally....breathe easy...let go...come to center and really Thanks to a new outlook, a yoga mat, yoga block...and the amazing Sadie Nardini...Everything has come into perspective...and it feels great.... Except for downward dog ...and the effing down dog split (pictured above) matter WHAT sequence I decide to do...this is ALWAYS included. But I must say...the breathing and the releasing I've learned through doing the practice has really made a difference. I'm just sayin. All you les miserables should try a few poses.

 Yea I read it...and you said, 'damn. Helen Keller has a point'. Yea...Basically.

So's a new freaking year. Do something with yourself. Whether it means simply making better decisions, cutting the fat (in more ways than one), letting go of something, grabbing hold of something (or something new, cherishing something old...whatever. it. is. Just freakin do it. Stop bullshitting and go do it. Get up  and go get it! This way I don't have to hear anyone bitching all year. Thanks in advance...for your cooperation...with this matter.

Haha. Had to leave with this comic strip. Wait is that what it is? I dunno...but I do know you laughed..or at least smiled...or smirked. Don't be a hard ass. SMILE BITCHES.

Until next time folks...champagne, leotards...and amazingness!!!