Retro Post: Testy Tuesday Rant

Let me just start by saying...I've had the day from hell. I had a to-do list that seemed simple enough: get an emissions test, renew vehicle registration, take a package to the post office, get groceries for the week and drop off a friend's tupperware from the Christmas dinner party. Simple, right? Well...first up...drop off the tupperware. But no...somewhere the location part for leftovers and glassware was lost in translation...I go...they're not there. First bump in the road. I brush it is what it is...the glassware will just have to come along for the ride for all of the errands and get bumped down to the end of the list. Now off to get this emissions test. Last year...well this year rather...(I renewed my tag for 2011 in March of 2011)...I got my emissions test done at a Shell station right down the street on Peachtree.
This year, suddenly and to my surprise...that location has been closed. Full on closed. Gas pumps pulled out...the whole nine. Mind you, I just got gas at this location like last month. And boom. Closed. So...I say alright. That's fine. Where is the next of Spring St....about 3 mins away. So I go...and pass my now I have to go down a one way to get back to that street...on the way, there's a post office. This stop was lower on the list but now it's on this route, so there I stopped. Meanwhile...the person I'm sending the care package to is giving me major attitude. MAJOR attitude. And I don't even understand why. Aside from the fact that this is someone I'm super close to...and have known forever...and they didn't attempt to connect with me once on my birthday ...only posted the general happy birthday on my Facebook wall...along with everyone else..aside from all of I am at the Post Office...sending this care package I spent time putting together with love. Again, I say f*ck it, I'm gonna send this. Hopefully I get told what the problem is since I've asked 3-4 times...but for now...I have to keep it's FREEZING outside and the heater in my car is acting up...and I still have pretty much my whole to-do list in front of me. So i get to the Shell station at the corner of Spring and 11th (don't quote me on the cross street)...I go in and tell the clerk I need an emissions test...she says, very nicely "Oh ok, just go right out and over to where the mechanics are" I do...I see 2 cars in their bay ...and I see one person...I stand there and wait for a's cold, so the garage doors are closed as they work. I stand waiting for him to look up. Don't want to knock on this door while this dude is practically under a car. No one looks up...I'm just standing out in the cold...and there is no other way to get to them. So I leave. On to the next one...and on down North Ave....downtown bound...I go to the next Shell on the emissions testing. But he was nice enough to tell me where the next place was that did them-right up the street. So I go...I park..I get out...and the "Open" light IS OFF. I literally say "you have GOT to be kidding me" out loud. Then someone walks up to my car...and I assume he works I ask ..."are u guys open???" and he says yes. and that the sign is broken. So I hand him the keys and wait for him to pull the car into the bay. Then I think for a second. Shit. What if this place isn't even open, this dude doesn't work here and my car is about to get stolen. Then he backs up and can't seem to go back forward in first gear. My conclusion was that he can't drive stick. (come on dude)... so he asks me to pull it over into the testing area. After he rolled the car about 9 inches from the wall because he couldn't go forward. So I do...and get out of the car into the cold so he can do his thing. I go into my pocket to grab my phone (brand new iPhone that I got as a Christmas gift)...that I picked up from best buy on the 21st...and it falls to the effed up ground and the back CRACKS. I gasped. Said a small novel of curse words in my head...and took a deep breath because alas, I did get insurance on the damn thing. THANK GOD. Because I am way too in love with this phone for it to be broken already. I call Best Buy while the emissions test is being done...and I'm on hold the whole I put it on speaker and let it be. Someone finally answers and says I just come on phone number has all of my insurance info attached. New thing to add to this to do list. I AM FREEZING btw. So I head down to get my new tags. I go prepared...check written, emissions test and ID in hand...this process takes literally 10 minutes. Now off to tupperware drop off and groceries...then to Best Buy ....done, done...ugly loaner in hand, new phone will be here Friday...DONE. Finally headed home for dinner and yoga. And this, my friends...was the first official full day of my 26th year. It can only go up from here. Lesson learned : you gotta take a chill pill when shit goes left is what it is...and you have to keep as good an attitude as you can...without taking it out on other people. Whatever you put into the universe is what you will get right back. Choose wisely.

Thanks for sharing my rant...Until next time folks...

Peace, love, calmness and harmony to all!