Retro Post: Curls' Christmas and Birthday Wishlist!

Yea. I did. I came up with twenty-six things to put on the list for my 26th Christmas and 26th birthday. So here's the collective list of amazingness I can only hope to get a portion of this 26th year of life...The year started out a little rough....but has evolved into something pretty with that came a list of pretty great shit. Excuse my language.  Steal some ideas for the special 20-something in your life..I'm sure they'll love anything you see here. Enjoy!

1. First up on the list...the Bert's Bees Grab Bag...available online..right here: , of course. It's a surprise bag filled with full and trial size products that's on sale for only $25 instead of the usual $50...can you say hell yes???

2. Ahhhh yes....thank you, Philosophy for creating a gift set just for us birthday girls! This set is full of great Philosophy products to get you started on a whole new addiction.  Get it at Sephora, Ulta or directly from it's maker at the Philosophy website.
 3. Black leather gloves. Every girl needs a pair. This particularly fabulous pair are from Michael Kors. Hey, you gotta keep your paws warm in these wintery months...gripping onto an ice cold steering wheel is just inhumane.
4. Bliss Fat Girl Slim treatment set...I'm super curious about this one...and this paired with my strength yoga...and booty asana yoga...sound like a wonderful match to me. 
 5. You have to have black AND brown gloves. Naturally. These, ironically are also from Michael Kors.He's made quite the impact on my list this year.

6. Burt's Bees Bee Pampered Spa Set in honey & shea. I recently got myself the sugar scrub that comes in this's almost gone and my desire to exfoliate-and then moisturize with the same scent- still lingers. 

7.  Clarisonic skin care system. I’ve become rather obsessed with this product. I tried a manual facial brush and I’m convinced that having this item in my skincare arsenal is officially a must. Gotta have it! Purchase it at Ulta or Sephora! 
8. Coco Chanel. Mmmmm….this one just speaks for itself. I think it may be MY bedtime scent.
9. Eos smooth sphere lip balm thingys. Love love love!!!!!!!! These are sold pretty much everywhere…I’d like a pack of at least 2. One for home and one for my bag…Well maybe 3…I need one to keep in my desk at work.

10. Giam Tree of Life yoga kit…I’ve been on my yoga kick for about 3 weeks now…strength yoga to be exact-yea, the one that burns calories and fat…and leaves you SORE. I’ve lost some weight and I wanna keep doing it daily….So I’d like a new yoga mat for my new year. Plus the bag and matching bottle might help get me into a public class as opposed to my YouTube lineups.

11. Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. My skin is sensitive. And dry. And the name is adorable. AND it’s winter. Say yes to the Hope!
12. iPad2…I mean duh. Do I need to explain why? It’s an iPad.

13. iPhone 4 …I have an iPhone3…and it’s about 3 years old at this point…it’s taken a beating and still hasn’t crashed (completely)…and no cracked screen no matter how many times it “fell”…but it’s time to face the music. IT’S TIME FOR A NEW ONE.  And I DO mean new!

14. A KitchenAid standing mixer…because I have come to really love baking and cooking…and my arm gets damn tired with some of the things I whip up. Usually the recipes that call for mixing things in A MIXER. So yea…I need one of these puppies. In red and/or stainless steel please and thank you!
15. Love love love this MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote in Luggage bag. LOVE. "Luggage" btw, is the color.

16. Slatkin & Co. Marshmallow Peppermint candles (from Bath & Body Works). It just has to smell amazing.

17. Miss Dior Cherie...I've just been in love with this scent for awhile...everytime I pass a perfume counter I look for and sniff this bottle. I need it in my life!

18. Nook tablet (don't judge me) ...loaded with Gabriel Garcia Marquez Books in SPANISH. Oh and perhaps Mindy Kaling's book "Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me...and other concerns"...AND Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants"...They just both seem like they'd be HILARIOUS.

19. Pandora Burgundy Macrame Bracelet w/ Gold. I'm in love with all things from Pandora Jewelry.

20. Steve Madden Madee in Leopard, sz 7.5 :D ...Every girl needs some leopard in their life. Why not have it in a comfy shoe? Ohhh yeaaaaa!

21. Teavana® Tea Gift Set !! I LOVE TEAS! In case that wasn't catching on.

22. Toms sunglasses...classic 101 matte tortoise/white/orange
. Very specific. I know. deal with it. I wanted something not so typical...and even though I love Ray Bans...I'd like to switch it up. Toms on the eyes...but keeping my Vans slip ons on the feet.
23. Urban Outfitters gift card!!! 'Nuff said!

24. Yogi Teas. EVERY. FLAVOR.Is what I want in my kitchen. I currently drink 3 different kinds of Yogi tea a day. Forreals.

25. Nike + shabangabang. I'd like to run..ya know..outdoors. But I can't get any apps to actually capture my performance. Too many trees in the neighborhood blah blah yea...I'd like to add this to my workout arsenal. JUST DO IT.

26. And the grand finale...A great gold watch. This particular one is the Michael Kors 'Large Gold Runway' Watch...I've lliterally wanted a gold watch for 2-3 years. I think the 26th year deserves a great watch.

And that wraps it up! My Christmas/Birthday list is full of health stuff, skin care, leather and a little bit of shine!!!! Feel free to use my list to get some great gifts for the girl (or guy in some cases) in your life!!!!!


and don't forget..."The guru is the self" ;)