It's a new day a new dawn and all that other philosophical shit. But no really...raise your hand if 2011 is basically already 210% better than 2010. Cuz YOU know...2010 SUCKED. Even while staring 2010 down with a serious mean mug though....2011 has some tangles. It's only natural. Natural order in my opinion. But whatever. There are tangles. It is what it is...and it is what it ain't....I'm just glad the tangles this year include yoga poses, spaghetti and headphones...at least thus far. But I'm going to go on a limb and say the outlook is optimistic. Good people all around, free cable (till the 25th), a pretty full social calendar-especially when it comes to music, lots of laughter (minor rough days) and a great workplace (that alone is a one in a million kind of opportunity). Oh, you want to know what music? Oh ok. Welllll.....Thus far, Sleigh Bells (AMAZING), Lauren Hill (the make up concert), and later this month N.E.R.D!!!!! 

Moving on.

Even with everything around you on the up and up, there are always those days when you just can't seem to pull it together for whatever reason. It's almost impossible to explain, but it's simply just..."one of those days"...*queue the 90's song- you know which on*....You wish you could just blurt out a list of WTF's but...sometimes...you just can't.

Transition spin.

Has anyone else noticed that the new billboard seems to be the whole concept of what I like to call "brand-dropping" or "plugs" in movies? The night before last I watched  Due Date, and last night watched Little Fockers. In both movies- PLUG PLUG PLUG. MAC books, iPhones, Blackberries, Volvo cars, Ray Ban sunglasses, Cheetos, Doritos...etc. etc. Plain and clear forward facing brands...throughout the movies. Nowadays it just doesn't fail. You're GOING to see at least 10 brand names in a movie even if it's as small a detail as whether the actors in it are drinking Pepsi or Coke.


No there really isn't another part...It's just getting a bit late and I'm trying to get comfy on the couch with a movie or just plain go to bed. Decisions decisions!

Until next time, friends, foes and voyuerists....